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Monday, February 17, 2014

I Love My Daughter!

It's no surprise to most people that know me well that I always wanted four boys.  Grade school drama - partly because of my own doing - made me not want girls. I was afraid to have a girl.  I was afraid I would have a "girly" girl, a prissy, drama-queen girl....and that wasn't anything I thought I could handle.

So, when we were expecting our first child, and didn't find out the gender, I just knew it was a boy. I had always wanted a big brother (still do), and just knew it was a boy. But, about two weeks before my due date, I dreamed I had a big, "hairy" girl!!! I mean hairy as in a LOT of hair.  That might have been a clue as to why I had so much acid reflux, as the wives' tale says.

September 21st went by, and no baby.  I kept working...even on my due date.  I worked for an ophthalmologist part time. He could deliver babies.  He had in his residency. He joked that he didn't WANT to, though :).  And, he didn't have to.

On September 24th,  after being in he hospital since a little after midnight, our GIRL was born at 8:45 p.m.  She weighed 8 lbs. 9 oz., so was a big baby.  And she did have a LOT of hair - even little fuzzy hair on her ears!  My dream was right! Perhaps that dream was God preparing me.  Maybe!

This past weekend, Joe and the boys were gone skiing. Lauren was able to come home from college for a day to stay with me. It ended up that her babysitting plans were changed, and she was able to stay the whole weekend. She left last night.  We had a lot of fun together.

As we were driving home from worship, she mentioned the "all boys" thing that I had wished for pre-childbirth.  I didn't tell her that for a long time, but now she knows and has heard me say it.  What she hasn't heard me say enough is that I'm sooooooo very thankful that God blessed us with a GIRL!!!  She was not a "girly", frilly, blingy girl, BUT if she was, we would love her just as much.

We cannot imagine life without her.  She brings something to our family that no one else can, simply because she is a girl.  God knew we needed a daughter.  He gave her to us for that need.

As she grows up and grows older, this quote...that a daughter grows up and becomes your best friend....became more real.  I know that from being friends with my own mother, but it is wonderful to know it from your own daughter.

So, Lauren....THANK YOU.  Thank you for being our daughter.  Thank you for being in our family. Thank you for staying with me and keeping me company this weekend. Thank you for taking out the trash since your Dad and brothers weren't here :).  Thank you for wanting to spend time with me.  Thank you for being a friend.  I LOVE YOU MOST! :)

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Wa Wa Waughs said...

I'm glad that worked out for you all to have some time together! Daughters are special!

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