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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Worked Up In a Tizzy!

Yesterday I could feel it coming on.  It was a big, full blown, TIZZY!  Do you know what a tizzy is?  It's a self-inflicted state of mass irritability and overwhelming state of mind.  And then it begins to turn to worry and stress.  The muscles in my neck begin to tighten. My head feels like it's going to explode.  And I get all spastic!

I don't often have tizzies, but when I do, I don't like them one bit!  I feel out of control, and I am.  In fact, though, it's because I'm trying to have all control, that I get into this tizzy!  So yesterday, while it seemed that everything that was on the calendar for the next few weeks had to be done THEN, I felt that overwhelming sense of doom, really!

Finally, I sat down, and wrote out this post for our "Parents After God's Own Heart" page.  I figured it was best to just confess the problem to God, but also thought I should say it to others...first, for their prayers, but also, just in case other mom's felt the same way.  Some said they did. Others just "liked" it in either agreement or support. And I made a prayer picture that said exactly how I felt.  I told God exactly what I was doing, knowing He was the One that should be in control.  Not me.

Here is the status.  The photo is below.

"This is straight from Lori to you moms. I don't do this often, but I have today. I've worked myself into a "tizzy", and I'm working on getting stressed. Too many up-coming things that I get excited about, but then start to worry about. There's uncertainty with plans, there's orders to place, and things to remember to do....and those things turn to worry and stress! And I don't like feeling stressed! And I know I shouldn't stress...and THAT brings stress! So, I need to calm down! I need to give it to God. He'll help me. He always does! So, why do I allow myself to get to this point?! This is my prayer. Maybe you need it today, too...and maybe you'll say one for me."

I felt much better after writing that and making the photo.  But then I turned on my music to Hallal and The Zoe Group.  This is my FAVORITE song.  I've probably posted it before, but will again. Click HERE for the link, but it probably plays on the playlist at the bottom of my blog homepage.  

Today, I am starting out with the prayer above and the worship songs.  He will calm and still me - even with many things to accomplish. HE will direct my paths, not me.  

Thank you, God, for giving me what I need.  YOU.  
In Jesus' name, 

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Wa Wa Waughs said...

I've been almost in a tizzy myself lately. Too many irons in the fire! Your photo is a great way to start off some time with God!

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