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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The Chronicles of Biscuit - Part of the Plan

Note: The Chronicles of Biscuit - Stories about our youngest son, Tyler, whose nickname is Biscuit

Recently Biscuit got in trouble for having a bad attitude.  It was while we had company, so I had taken him into his room to talk to him and made him sit on his bed for a while before coming back in and joining the group.  While he was in there, he wrote a sweet letter - acknowledging his bad attitude and the fact that sin is in the lives of both sinners and forgiven sinners.  Here's his letter (his words and punctuation):

Dear church:

If possible I would like prayers from you. I've had problems with attitude towards my family & others. And ever time I hear what a wonderful plan it was to put Jesus on the cross I ask myself, "How could sin be part of the plan." They say that God is amazing but why did he know that sin was gonna come?

(And then his signature.)

What a sweet letter of repentance!  Biscuit knew as soon as I looked at him and asked him to go with me to his room that he was in trouble.  He knew why right then, because he knew how he had just talked to me was a BIG NO NO!  He especially knew that doing it in front of guests was even worse.  But Biscuit also is a Christian, so he knows of God's plan for forgiveness.

Each time one of our children has become a Christian, the first thing I've talked to them about was the fact that they still would do things wrong - that we all do.  I don't ever want them thinking that being a Christian means that one will never sin again.  Obviously that's not true. Only Jesus was totally sin-free!  But, I also made sure that they knew about recognizing sin and repenting of it - that God would forgive them.  The blood of Jesus continues to cleanse!  That is the plan!  God's wonderful plan!

So obviously Biscuit is having a hard time understanding all of the plan, and that's okay.  He's still young.  He is learning to recognize sin....learning to have a repentant heart....and learning about forgiveness.  Sometimes mature Christians even have trouble with that concept.  On this GRATITUESDAY, I am grateful for God's plan!

As I write this post this morning, my head is humming the tune and words to "Thomas Song".  It goes so well with Biscuit's thoughts.  I want to share it with you.  It's sung by Hallal - the group I have playing on my blog - along with The Zoe Group.  It has a beautiful message in the lyrics.

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Thomas' Song
Ken Young
Verse 1
Jesus, You were all to me,
Why did You die on Calvary?
O Lamb of God I fail to see
How this could be part of the plan.

They say that You're alive again,
But I saw death and ev'ry sin
Reach out to claim their darkest win.
How could this be part of the plan?

Chorus 1
If I could only hold your hand,
And touch the scars
Where nails were driven.
I would need to feel Your side
Where holy flesh by spear was riven
Then I'd believe, only then I'd believe
Your cruel death was part of the heavenly plan.

Verse 2
Holy presence, holy face;
A vision filling time and space.
Your nearness makes my spirit race.
Could this be part of the plan.

I see the wounds that caused the cry,
From heaven, ocean, earth, and sky;
Where people watched their Savior die.
Could this be part of the plan?

Chorus 2
Reaching out to hold Your hand,
And touch the scars where nails were driven;
Coming near I feel Your side
Where holy flesh by spear was riven.
Now I believe. Jesus, now I believe.
Your cruel death was part of a heavenly plan.

I proudly say with blazon cry.
"You are my Lord and my God."

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