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Wednesday, March 13, 2013


From time to time, I hear/read/see some really good "stuff" that I want to share with you.  This is one of those times!  I hope you'll take the time to listen to or read these things.  They will inspire you!

One note about any video links:  Be sure to scroll to the bottom of my blog home page if you are on there and "click" the little circle with two lines in it like an eleven.  That will turn off the playlist music so that you can hear the videos.

1.  After my Biscuit post yesterday, this was just so sweet of him after school yesterday.  I wanted to share it with you:
Sometimes it's hard to believe Tyler is only 10 years old. He's always thought a lot deeper than most people - even adults! This afternoon he came home upset because his teacher thought he rolled his eyes at her. He said he apologized immediately, but still felt badly about it. I consoled him and told him how much I appreciated his tender heart. And, of course reminded him to make sure he didn't roll his eyes. I figure he did it, but didn't realize it (I've seen that look myself!). Sweet boy who reminds us all if the time why Jesus said we should be more like children.

2.  I've never confessed this on my blog, but I'm not a huge Duck Dynasty fan. However, my three boys and husband like it.  The boys like it A LOT.  My daughter is on my side.  We're not rednecks! :).  But, I am very, very impressed with the way they share Jesus with others, and for that reason, I will post things about them in regards to them spreading the good news on Facebook and here from time to time.  On a side note, Jace Robertson was as OC (Oklahoma Christian) on Monday. He did chapel there.  I had experienced OC chapel myself, the Friday before....then Sunday at worship the President of OC sat in front of us and my brother/sister-in-law introduced my daughter and I to him and shook his hand.  Monday he stood in a pond on the OC campus with Jase, shaking his hand.  They're just down to earth Christian people.  No different than you and I - our modes of spreading the gospel and being shining lights are just in different areas.  Isn't that great to know?! God uses ALL of His children!

Here are the links for two of Phil Robertson's (the dad.....I'm sure he looks kind of like Abraham might have! :) sermons.  They're really worth watching and sharing:

3.  Another sweet video of a little girl telling all about Jesus!  It's seven minutes long, but the end is so'll want to watch :).  Notice her daddy, too!

4.  And these great thoughts from a Facebook page called "Parents Raising Godly Children":

Your family will not get heaven on accident! The wordly influence is too strong. There must be deliberate action of training, discipline and love on our part as parents. Faith in Christ must be on purpose, lived out loud in front of the ones we love! We cannot let up or turn it over someone else to 
raise our children to be Spiritual Champions! So:

If you are tired, fight one more day!

If you feel defeated, get on your knees and turn it over to HIM!
If you are distracted, stop, pray and get focused on Jesus!
If you have been lazy, get back on track!
If you need strength, get into HIS BOOK - the Holy Word of God!
Stay in the fight and FINISH STRONG today!
Leave a Legacy!

4.  Finally, a blog post about why many churches aren't growing like they should be.  This is so very true and sad!  Please take the time to read this important message.


mattdabbs said...


Thanks for sharing the link. Hope you have a blessed day!


Lori said...

You're welcome! Great thoughts! I meant to go back to your site to write you and tell you, but forgot to do that this morning after writing the post. I had shared it before on Facebook and via email, too.
You have a blessed day, as well.

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