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Thursday, March 28, 2013


Yesterday was my birthday.  Because I was going to be helping at an academic meet all day and we would be at Bible study and worship last night, my husband decided to take me out the night before.  We ate at my all-time favorite place - a place where my husband I ate for several dates before marriage and several lunch dates since, but a place we don't have time to go to much any more.
We had several items to get at Walmart (a place I try to avoid, but actually enjoyed shopping all together on this rare occasion!)before heading home.  My husband said he wanted he and the kids to each buy me cards.  I told them to save the money (I'm cheap!) and just show me the cards! Ha ha!  (That's an inside joke my husband and I have, too!).  I read them and took this picture, but the kids said it would be wrong to take a picture of the cards individually.  (I was proud of them for realizing that it would be since we weren't paying for them!)

My husband bought me tulips, too!  And gave me a gift card for something I had been saving for each month!
And last night after we got home from worship and Bible study, they "surprised" me with this 'cupcake cake'!!!  They did the same last year and said it's a new tradition!  So sweet!  However, I must say, that next year I'm thankful that the Hostess recipe should be back on the market.  In my opinion this Little Debbie knock off doesn't compare!!  Several other family members agreed!

After that I sat down to reply to all of the wonderful Facebook messages and texts wishing me a happy birthday. I had HUNDREDS of messages from simple 'Happy birthday', to heartwarming, to funny, and one that made me cry!  By the end of the night it was no longer my birthday, but today.  I was soooooo wound up by the sweet messages that I could not sleep!  Finally, at 4:30, when my husband was starting to get up, he encouraged me to try to sleep.  I did....a few hours!  What a wonderful day!  I am truly blessed and humbled.  Thank you, God, for the blessing of family and friends!

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Wa Wa Waughs said...

What a fun day! Glad you enjoyed it!

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