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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Tipton Home Homecoming 2013

This past weekend, Tipton Home celebrated its 89th year of helping children.  In fact, Tipton Home has helped over 3,000 children since it first opened it doors!
Mrs. Davis chose "Building Character" as the theme for this year - with a special emphasis on the three years Tipton has won the state championship in football.
Those who attended Saturday's festivities could get an embroidered hat or one of these duffle bags.
Pictures were on display of each of the football teams from the winning years - 1952,  1997, and 2012.

In addition to the football displays, other extra-curricular activities were shown on the other side of the room.
My daughter and I decorated these lattice boards with pictures from present and past in the areas of FFA, FHA, 4-H basketball, more football, volleyball, softball, baseball, golf, and cheerleading.
Everyone enjoys looking at all of the old pictures, as well as the more recent pictures.
It was fun seeing how the uniforms have changed through the years!
A group of children, who call Tipton Home their home, sang several devotional songs. They did a great job!
Mrs. McCormack sang a beautiful song from her high school days.  She is also a former resident of Tipton Home and enjoys coming back to visit each year.
This former Tipton Home resident played on the 1952 state championship team. He shared memories of  that year.  It was an exciting time for he and his team back then!
And for the perspective of the 2012 winning team, assistant football coach, T. White told of special things about the present state champions.

A great day reminiscing with old friends and new friends - celebrating the accomplishments of students and athletes from the past and present.  A place that has changed lives and has been building character for 89 years.

May all glory be given to God for making all of this possible! And may He grant Tipton Home many more years of helping children.

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Wa Wa Waughs said...

Cute pic of Lottie and it was beautifully decorated!

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