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Thursday, April 25, 2013


All during the past year I've been secretly planning to have my husband a surprise party for his 50th birthday at the end of this month, but I was getting disappointed when I realized recently that he wouldn't be here for his birthday.
Finally, after thinking of several strategies, the kids and I thought of doing it after a Wednesday night Bible class.  It worked out perfectly because we had a visiting preacher in for a series of gospel lessons for three days - morning and evening.  Several opportunities to spread the news about the surprise!
I'm pretty sure this is the second time EVER he's really been surprised! The first was at his surprise 30th birthday party!
My mother-in-law made the birthday cake and my daughter and I each made other cakes for the guests. I planned on 125 people and I'm sure there were that many in attendance.  Thankfully there was enough desserts for all who wanted some.
Guests signed the photo mat above to be a keepsake for him of this special celebration.  You only turn 50 once, right?!
He enjoyed telling everyone they weren't his friend anymore, since no one warned him of the up-coming surprise.  Ha ha!
Just a lot of fun for him.....and for us who planned it and helped with it.....great memories!
Joe with the kids....
All six of us together.....

HAPPY 50TH BIRTHDAY, JOE!  A little early, of course!

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