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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Oklahoma State Fair 2012

Every year during mid September, my family goes to the Oklahoma State Fair.  I've only missed once since I was 16 years old....and that was the year my daughter was born.  She's turning 18 next week!
This year my parents backed out of going, so we had two extra tickets.  My daughter invited a friend to go along with us and they had lots of fun sitting in the sports cars in the "auto" building, plus looking around the fairgrounds.  
The boys enjoyed "testing" out the cars, too!
Since I'm our town 4-H leader and my children are in 4-H, a highlight of the fair is always going to see the 4-H exhibits.  This year two of our children placed at the state fair.  Here is Tyler (Biscuit) with his 3rd place 4-H poster.  He was excited about the ribbon, but didn't like that it was just a white one!!  He also wasn't too thrilled to pose for the picture, as you can see.
Another building we enjoy is the FFA building.  Our three oldest are in FFA, so it means something to us.  This decorated pumpkin was made into "The Lorax", which happens to be one of our favorite movies!  I love the quote shown here, which is from the movie.
Usually my husband and I don't do pictures of ourselves, but this time I decided we would....and he complied.  :) Since it was cloudy, I didn't have to worry about closing my eyes for the photo!  Yippee for me!  And, it turned out to be a pretty good picture, I think. 
We've posed in various groups in front of this fountain many, many times during the 27 years of attending the state fair.  When we take pictures there, I'm always reminded of my grandparents.  I remember so many times we did pictures at the fair and they were there.  I love thinking back on those times! Special memories!
The most important question when attending the fair is:  What are we going to eat???!!!  There are MANY, MANY choices!  Odd choices.  Great choices.  And just plain weird choices!  I opted for Dan's Famous Indian Tacos (with light cheese - which is still plenty).  Very good as always!  Others chose chicken on a stick, pizza on a stick and a French fry loaf.  No one tried any of the odd bacon items.  Hmmmmm......
This year's "Disney On Ice" was 'Dare to Dream' featuring the stories of "The Princess and the Frog", "Cinderella" and "Tangled".  It was terrific!  Soooooo pretty and so well done!  Definitely "Disney".
Ray the Lightening Bug from "The Princess and the Frog"....such a cute character!
The "Mouse" and need to say more.
The castle and ending of the spectacular show....

After the day at the fair, we spent a few hours at Bricktown in downtown OKC.  It was a beautiful day....overcast and cool, with a little rain.  Perfect for pictures!  
Eating at Zios was good, too....even after the hour and a half long wait!
And a beautiful carriage ride going down the street as we were leaving.  Awwweeeee.........So pretty!

Our weekend ended with worship and Bible class at MRCC....another yearly tradition and one we look forward to each year.  Then a little shopping before heading back home.

A great weekend of traditions and new memories!  Thankful for family time together having fun.


Wa Wa Waughs said...

I never got to ask if you all were doing animals or just enjoying the fair when I saw you. Busy times. Glad K got to come with you and what a fun tradition!

Lori said...

This weekend is just for fun. Next weekend would be the goats, but we're not doing that this year. Thanks! Good to see you all yesterday!

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