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Monday, September 24, 2012

Happy 18th Birthday, Lauren!

Our oldest has now hit another major milestone in life.....SHE'S 18!  Hard to believe how fast she has grown up, but it has been a wonderful journey watching the process.  I tease Lauren about the fact that I never wanted a girl....only boys......but that God knew we could handle one.  Probably only one, though!! (ha ha!).  She's been a low-key, no drama, no fuss type of girl and for that, we're extremely thankful and have been extremely blessed.  We are thankful for this girl - this blessing from God.  He knew we would be just fine having her in our lives.  
I used to tell the kids they couldn't have the same themes for birthdays or ever duplicate themes, but after having 57 total birthdays (so far) for the kids, that became impossible to do or even to try to do.  So.....she chose a Texas Rangers' theme.....again....and that's okay.  You like her "Rangers' girl"???  A little different with a pumpkin head and flashing Rudolph nose, but she was proud of her :).
The good thing about decorating for this theme, was that we didn't have to buy anything.  Everything came from her room or her brother's rooms.  The shirts are all hers.....a collection from several years.
 Another good thing is that she wanted to decorate for her party herself!  That was kind of fun since I was busy cooking.  An added plus this year is that my parents came to spend the weekend so my mom helped with everything, too!
Lauren's grammy, my mother-in-law, made her cake.  It's the MLB logo....what a GREAT job she did! We thought later that it could have stood for Miss Lauren's Birthday!
 Lauren with her brothers at her party......
Lauren with her younger friends and family at the party....
Grammy gave Lauren a note that Lauren had made for her when she was 9 years old.  So sweet!  
 What a special keepsake!
Lauren's friend, Kalli, gave her a pair of cute painted Rangers' theme Toms shoes.  She's excited to wear them!

I remember so plainly that four years ago.....with the Presidential election coming up shortly.....Lauren would say, "In four years I can vote!"  She was sooooo excited about that, and it seemed like a long way off.  Now here it is....four years later.  It did come fast!  She's ready to take on some adult responsibilities, like voting.  How neat that she cares about doing that!  Many people that have that privilege don't even care to bother with doing it.  I'm thankful she cares.


Thank you for being a wonderful daughter!  You are mature, thoughtful, kind, and a great Christian example for all of us and to those who know you.  We look forward to seeing how God will be working in your life in the future.  He has great plans for you, we know.  We're thankful He gave you to us.  We can't imagine life without you in it! 

We love you!
Mom & Dad

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