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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

4-H Field Trip

Yesterday, even though my family had just returned home from a weekend trip to Oklahoma City and the State Fair, my husband and I boarded a bus with two other adults and 14 children to head back to the fair for a 4-H field trip.  As 4-H leader, I try to come up with fun, interesting learning trips for the members each year and this year the fair seemed perfect.  An added incentive was the fact that yesterday was "free admission" for children.  You can't beat that price!
Going to the fair on a weekday is so much different than our usual weekend visit.  We were able to stop and look at things we couldn't on the weekend.  This man is called a "Turner".  In fact, he said that people with the last name of Turner probably have ancestors that were bowl makers....turners....just like him!  How neat is that!!?  He was a skilled and knowledgeable craftsman.  The kids really enjoyed visiting with him and watching him work.
One of our members was chosen to be part of a firefighting challenge.  She dressed up as a fireman and competed with her partner against two boys.  The rest of us cheered on her and her teammate.
In the end, the two girls won!  They raced up the ladder and shot out confetti on the audience - who thought they were going to be soaked with water!
The highlight of the barn tours were seeing the baby animals.  This little piglet was adorable!  Next week this little guy (or girl) and his nurse-mates and momma will be picked up by my husband and come to live at Tipton.  The farmer donates the piglets and mommas to Tipton Home each year after the fair.  Last year some piglets escaped during the "pick up".  My husband tells the story of chasing little pigs everywhere!!  (It's funny, but it wasn't at the time, I'm sure!)
The baby chicks were cute to watch.  None were hatching out at the time, but some were fairly young.  Cute!
I really liked the alpacas.  They are pretty animals and their fleece is so soft.  I tried to get my husband to get me one, but he said no.  We have goats.  I guess that will do :).
Our last stop was at the butterfly tent.  There were hundreds of butterflies and they seemed to really be attracted to a few of the kids!  This boy had them all over him the whole time!
Maybe they were attracted to the red he had on?  Maybe he just seemed sweet?  Who knows, but it was fun watching it!
They liked this sweet girl, too!  They were beautiful and huge!
Field trips are all about exposing children (or adults) to something they haven't had the opportunity to do before.  Only two members had ever been to the state fair before, so it was really neat for them.  I heard one say, "This is the best day of my life!".  I'm not sure that statement will always be true of their visit to the fair, but if it is made yesterday the best day they've had in a long time, then just for that one child, it was worth it.

In anything I am involved in - whether through 4-H, school, or church/camp activities, I want to create memories - great memories - for the children.  I want them to look back and remember those special times with happy thoughts.  And I want them to know that I cared about them and cared for them.  I want the trips, parties, and activities to be come of their favorite memories.  

I think anyone that works with children should have those same goals:  experiences, special memories, and fun....and learning.  Yes, they're learning as they go, but if a little fun isn't sprinkled in, it won't become a special memory or something they remember with happy thoughts.  Yesterday the 4-H members banked up many special memories and happy thoughts.  I'd say it was a great success!

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Wa Wa Waughs said...

Yes, you are right on target about making memories! I know those kids (and their parents) appreciate it even if they don't show it. Great pictures!

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