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Monday, October 3, 2011

QMCC Ladies Fall Retreat

The 32nd Annual QMCC (Quartz Mountain Christian Camp) Ladies' Fall Retreat was held this past weekend.  It was a great time of worship, fellowship, and fun for all who were in attendance.
This year's theme was "In PURSE-uit of Holiness" with the play on words to use a purse decorating theme.
There were lots of purses everywhere - going along with the brown and turquoise color scheme.
This was Friday night's delicious meal.  The plates are so pretty!  (Not really that sturdy, but pretty :).  I like the square plates, don't you?
This year's t-shirt design was so cute!  I commented that each year's shirt is my favorite!
Bookmarks were made and handed out to those in attendance.
I can't post about QMCC without a picture of the cabins I grew up sleeping in when I attended camp in my growing up years.  The little "A" frame still brings back a lot of memories. It's the only one left on the QMCC grounds and this is one that was actually my cabin many times.
One of the newer cabins is shown here, right at sunrise, so it's in the dark.  They are nice....with bathrooms in them, as well as air conditioning...something we didn't have in the "A" frames!
Craft time at the retreat was especially fun.  This craft consisted of totes being decorated with ribbons, buttons, paint, flowers, jewels, trims, and a lot more.  So neat watching everyone create their own, unique project!
More crafting....
One of the finished totes...with a PURSE theme!
Another decorated tote...with buttons, a flower, and scriptures.
Friends decorating...
Another craft was using scrapbook papers and scriptures.  Very cute and fun! (This photo was with my camera, so looks really yellow.)
The retreat was an uplifting time spent together with sisters in Christ growing closer to each other and closer to God.

Each of the four speakers talked about holiness and shared God's Word in thier own unique way...encouraging each one there to continue to strive to pursue holiness in her own life.  It's always amazing to give one topic to four people and see how they use God's Word to portray the message in their own way.  
 The singing was beautiful! Hearing women sing together in that way is a sweet, sweet sound!  It makes me think of the singing that will be in Heaven!  (of course, men's voices are nice, too....but just neat to hear a bunch of ladies singing alone some times.)

Thank you to all who helped with the retreat this year, who attended the retreat, and who have volunteered to help with next years retreat.  It will be here before we know it!  (I'd better get busy! :)

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