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Thursday, October 13, 2011

The Chronicles of Biscuit - Letters to Siblings

The Chronicles of Biscuit - Stories about our youngest son, Tyler, whose nickname is Biscuit.
Apparently Biscuit had a 3rd grade writing assignment last week that involved writing rules or steps for something.  Biscuit chose to write rules for being a nice brother.  He put in parentheses (I have two).  I'm not sure these are rules for them or for him.

Here are his rules:  1. Play outside with them.  2.  Watch TV with them.  3.  Do the right thing. (Note:  This one makes me proud since our motto is "Do the right thing, 'cause it's the right thing to do!") 4. Be polite.  5. Share.  GREAT RULES, BISCUIT!
Biscuit told his dad the other night he though he should write a book.  I asked him the next day what kind of book he wanted to write.  He said he wasn't sure, but really enjoyed writing and thought that was what he needed to do.  Yesterday he wrote letters to each of his siblings.  So sweet (for the most part)!!
Biscuit is writing to Jacob in this letter.  The "Mr. 42" refers to the golf score Jacob had told his brothers he had made the other day while golfing.  He didn't get that good of a score, but his plan was to make them think that until the next morning.  Obviously, Biscuit never believed him anyway!
In this letter to Zachary, Biscuit tells him that he is his best brother, except (or acsept in Biscuit's words) for the fact that he likes golf.  He's a little upset that golf has taken over from the other sports and that his brothers don't play his games (for whichever sports season it is at the time) with him.  And.....Biscuit is ready for Bible camp (QMCC).

I appreciate Biscuit wanting to write all of these letters and rules.  In our busy world, sometimes we don't take the time to sit down and write someone....especially a hand-written note.  Maybe he will write a book some day. 

The Bible is a book written by many men, but inspired by God.  Think about what our lives would be like without that Book.  What if those men had never taken the time to write it down?  What if we didn't have a written account of the life of Jesus and the plan of salvation?  What would our world be like?

I'm thankful that they did take the time.  I'm thankful for God's Word!


Wa Wa Waughs said...

Sweet notes! I do think the men who wrote the Bible were definitely "urged" by the Holy Spirit, though.

Lori said...

Very true that they Holy Spirit would have urged them, as He does us. But like we do some times...they could have not done God's Will or they could have procrastinated and never gotten it done.

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