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Monday, October 17, 2011

Fall Crafts

It's been a while since I've shared any crafts with you, so I thought I would today.  My mom and I have been doing a few things with burlap.  She has posted a burlap door decoration on our recipe/craft blog a few weeks ago.  I made this wreath and shared it last week.  You'll find photos and instructions for the crafts below.

Happy crafting! Happy Monday!

Burlap Wreath

Last week I bought a magazine called "Christmas Cottage".  It had a really cute burlap wreath pictured that I wanted to make.  The only place I've found burlap on a roll is at Michael's.  Saturday I was able to get to a Michaels to get the supplies, but by the time I was ready to check out, their cash registers were no longer working because of power outages due to thunderstorms.  Anyway, yesterday I was able to go back to Michael's and get the supplies.....again!

Burlap Wreath

3 rolls of 10 foot burlap (The magazine craft said to get 2 rolls; however, I had to use a little more. Mine was 6 inches wide.)
Wire wreath form (this is a large one)
Jute or string
Decorations for "bow" area
Without cutting burlap, form a loop (as if you are making a bow).  Tie loop with string and attach to the wire wreath form.
Continue tying loops all around the wreath, being sure to make loops on the whole width of the wire wreath.  At first you may wonder if you're doing it right (I did!), but soon it will begin to take on the look you are wanting.
Continue until wreath is full.
Add decorations as desired.  The magazine suggested that the typical bow for a wreath is usually ribbon, but that in this case the decorations become the "bow" part.  I added the leaves.  They showed holly.  I'm not sure I like the leaves, but left them there for now.  I'm thinking a raffia bow with some leaves and fall picks might be better?  We'll see.  But, I do know I'll be keeping this wreath on the front door for many months, changing out the decorations to fit the holiday or season.

Burlap Sack - Fall Decor by my MOM

I had so much fun making this for my front door this weekend. I'm not a great decorator, but I get such an enjoyment doing things like this---it's a lot of self satisfaction. Of course, a lot of it, too, is that I can't go out and buy everything I see--I have to make a lot of things myself, but I do love doing it. I should have been cleaning my house, but things like this are so much more fun!!!!! I knew my "dirt" would still be there.

To make this, I sewed a long pocket out of burlap--then folded the top over to make a flap. I probably should have used orange, yellow, and purple for the greenery, but I really liked these "sprigs" from Hobby Lobby. I think the brighter colors would have shown up more from the street, but these look good from the front porch. The netting is a dark purple-y brown that matches the darker sprigs. Larry had to help me get the wire secured the right way. What would we do without our husbands?

Happy Fall!!!!!!

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