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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Tyler's Concert - "You Raise Me Up"

A few years ago our youngest son, Tyler (of "The Chronicles of Biscuit" posts), was always having "concerts" at home.  He was and still is a big fan of classical singer, Josh Groban.  In July, 2008, Tyler was ringbearer in his cousin's wedding.  On the afternoon of the wedding he got his wish - a real concert on a stage with a few guests in the audience.  Some of the songs were put on YouTube by my brother-in-law, but the best one got taken off - I guess because he was actually singing along with Josh Groban.

Two years have passed and although Tyler stills sing some and leads a song on our monthly Wednesday night singing at church, he rarely has concerts anymore (sad for his momma!).  So, you can imagine how happy I was when he requested to have a concert for us a few weeks ago!  He had his brother, Jacob, be his "renouncer" (announcer).  I wanted to share the video with you and I am sorry it's blurry at the beginning.  The videographer (which might have been me :) doesn't know what the problem was!

I hope you enjoy Tyler's concert as he sings, "You Raise Me Up". Here is the link: Tyler's Concert.  I would have just posted the video on the post and blog home page, but because there is already music playing, I didn't think it would work.

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