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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Lunch Box Notes

It's almost that time again.  Time to fill the lunch boxes.

I mentioned on my family recipe blog that this is something I really dread - and I do.  BUT, there is one part of it that I don't dread at all.  There is one part that is very special to me and very special to all four of our children.  It's the lunch box notes. 

Ever since our first child went to Kindergarten eleven years ago, I've been writing lunch box notes.  As each of the other three children started school, I would write them notes, too.  Even though the oldest is going to be a Sophomore, and the middle two are in middle school,  they still like getting their lunch box notes!  In fact, I think they would be sad if I quit them.  Of course, the youngest likes them a lot, as well.

Sometimes the lunch box notes have words of encouragement for an up-coming test or ball game. Sometimes the notes have special sentiments. Sometimes they are filled with spiritual messages or scriptures. And, every once in a while I have the kids write notes to each other. They enjoy doing that and making funny remarks that only they would understand!

Occassionally I find some neat already-made lunch box notes and keep a stash of them in the kitchen.  It's especially great on mornings when I'm in a big rush (well, a bigger rush than normal!).  I found a great website to share with you that has lots of printable lunch box notes.  Here is the link.  You'll even find some notes that can be edited with your own text.  Pretty neat, huh??

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