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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Teacher of the Year 2010

I remember mentioning last year that it seems like the whole month of May, I spend decorating and undecorating (I remember because I put out a plea for an least favorite part of decorating!).  This year I've actually had a lot of help un-decorating, so I can't complain.
Last Friday I had the opportunity to decorate for what is probably my favorite decorating event in May - our school's annual Teacher of the Year reception.  Although I enjoy decorating for everything, I especially like this event because it's fun to customize the decorations for the winners. 
Our school has a local Tipton school winner, as well as a winner at a juvenille detention center in a nearby community.  This person is a part of the Tipton School faculty, but it's usually not someone I know very well - if at all.  Decorating for this individual is more challenging, but I still try to find out about their likes and hobbies from friends, family, or co-workers.
This year our Tipton School winner was Mr. Masoner.  My oldest children have had Mr. Masoner as their math teacher and they knew he liked OU.  My daughter decorated his chalkboard. Mr. Masoner used to coach and even coached my husband and his brother.  The 1978 football (Loaned  to me by Mrs. Masoner for this occassion) has my brother-in-law's name written on it.  They had a great team that year so the whole team gave him a signed football.  It's fun to use pictures and other things from the winning teacher's past.  It makes it extra-special for them and their families.
Congratulations, to the Teachers of the Year - here in Tipton, as well as other places! Your dedication and hard work is greatly appreciated!

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