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Friday, May 28, 2010

Jungle Journey VBS - Part 2

VBS 2010 is over!  It was a great success! Let summer vacation begin :).
My 1st and 2nd Grade Class and my two oldest children, Lauren and Zachary, who were great helpers this week!
I posted the recipe for these cute little sheep cupcakes last time.  The children did a great job decorating their own sheep, but their favorite part was eating them!
Tuesday the children made edible altars, to go along with the Abraham and Isaac story.  I let them pick two snack sized candy bars for the rocks, just because I had too many marshmallow craft/snacks scheduled.  Plus, most people want chocolate!  The wood was pretzel twists.  The fire was red fruit roll ups.  We used animal crackers to represent the ram in the story as the sacrifice.
The children also made non-edible altars.  I bought rocks at Dollar Tree.  Modeling clay from Walmart was bought for all teachers to use.  It worked great and the children enjoyed using it to hold the rocks and to form the ram sacrifice.  We gathered a few real sticks for the wood.  The fire was pieces of red, yellow, and orange tissue paper.  The children were so excited about their altars.  These were displayed on the table for the Wednesday night open house - where family and friens could see them.
In the story of Moses and the Amalekites, Moses names the place "The Lord is My Banner".  The children made a banner craft using the same sentence.  I made the banners in advance and found a way to make them super-cheap.  Dollar Tree sells a flour sack towel.  I cut four pieces from the towel, each in a rectangle shape, the width of a small dowel stick or a wooden skewer (with point cut off).  The towel already had a seam to put the rod through and I didn't even finish the remaining seams.  The banners worked great!  The foam letter stickers came from Walmart. 
Lauren with her own altar.  She enjoyed making the crafts, too.
Zachary eating the pieces of the edible altar.  I think he just enjoyed the food!
In Thursday's lesson, we studied about shepherds.  Each child made a paper staff out of paper (newspaper would have been better).  A fan was put behind the taped starting line.  Balloons were the sheep.  Two children at a time "herded" their "sheep" to the finish line.  It was lots of fun!
For a craft, the children made handprint sheep.  Thank you to Zachary for tracing the children's hands and to Lauren for cutting them out.  Cotton balls made the sheep's wool coat and googly eyes and a mouth create a face on the thumb.  All the tips of the fingers were colored black for the sheep's hooves.  Very cute!
My four children - posing....because I MADE them (I'm mean, aren't I??? :)  They'll be glad I take a lot of pictures, someday (I hope, anyway!)


Wa Wa Waughs said...

Love that herding the sheep game! Cute t shirts too!

Anonymous said...

Where did you get the tshirts? Did you create an iron on? We are doing this same theme this week. Please email me with details, Thanks.

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