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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Happy Holidays?

When I was a Freshman in High School, my great-grandpa passed away in December.  The next year my great uncle was killed in a car accident, also in December.  Believe it or not, the next December, another tragedy affected our family.  My great aunt and uncle on the other side of the family were both killed when hit by a semi truck.  Understandably so, the next year, I dreaded December.  I wasn't sure what would happen after three years of tragedies.  Thankfully, nothing happened that next year.

Last Friday, as I was cleaning up from the elementary Christmas party, I was visiting with the school nurse about their Christmas plans.  She was so excited about her family getting to stay home Christmas Day.  All extended family plans were later on that evening or on other days.  She talked about how usually they were not able to stay home on Christmas because of family obligations.  She was also looking forward to the two week break and relaxing with her family.

The next day I learned that the school nurse's mother had passed away that morning.  I was so sad to hear the news and it breaks my heart that she and her family will be facing grief during this time of year.  Death of a loved one is hard at any time, but around the holidays it seemed like that grief is compounded even more.

Today after worship services I thought about the prayer list of so many who were sick, awaiting surgery, or who had lost loved ones.  During this happy and joyous time of year - time of celebration - don't forget those who are hurting or maybe grieving.  Don't forget those who may be lonely.

The happiest time of year for some may possibly be the worst time of year for others.  However, we can reach out to those who are hurting by extending a helping hand and a caring heart.  By showing Christ's love to others we are letting our lights shine.  Just another way to "Shine Like Stars."

May our Lord Jesus Christ himself and God our Father, who loved us and by his grace gave us eternal encouragement and good hope, encourage your hearts and strengthen you in every good deed and word.
2 Thessalonians 2:16-17


A.Marie said...

What a good reminder that this "happy time of year" is actually very sad for some people! I really feel for your school nurse and for everyone who has to face sadness during this month.

Helene said...

I hated the holidays and joked no one wants to have anything to do with me from the day after Halloween until January 2nd because I am so grumpy.

This year the husband of Alex's speech therapist stood in front of a train the weekend before Thanksgiving. She buried her husband the day before Thanksgiving. I am stupid for being grumpy when God gives me everything I ask for and more.

Have a blessed Christmas.

Brandi Sue said...

I agree! I have about 5 patients who lost loved ones fairly recently and this will either be the first big holiday without their loved one or their first Christmas without them. It's sad and I don't know what to say to comfort them. Sometimes I feel guilty because it's mine and Devin's first Christmas married and here they have lost their loved one :( They always want to hear our plans and I hope it brings them nice memories of when they were going through the same as me! Loved your Christmas card!!

Lori said...

A. Marie - Thank you.

Helene - How sad for Alex's speech therapist. We all fall into that grump pit sometimes, I'm afraid, and we should realized just how blessed we truly are.

Brandi - Your patients will enjoy hearing about your joy of being newlyweds, even if they are still grieving. It really will bring back good memories for them. (I sent myself a card so I could see the postmark and got it in the mail today, too - Thanks!)

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