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Thursday, December 10, 2009

At Your Service

Serve wholeheartedly, as if you were serving the Lord, not men.  Ephesians 6:7

Recently a need came to my attention concerning our county's food bank.  4-H Clubs across our county were asked to help with the food bank.  Each of the local town 4-H leaders said, "Yes!  We will help!"  We were each assigned a particular Tuesday of the month and it was explained to us that we would need to help for as many months as needed - not just during the holiday season.

Because my boys and I didn't have any other plans made for Tuesday afternoon, I volunteered to help this week.  Other local 4-H members and their parents will be asked to help in the following months.

I have to admit that at first the boys  were a little reluctant to be enthused about giving up a "free" afternoon and evening to go work.  I was a little bit, too, but didn't let them know it.  Besides the hour of actual work, we also drive to the nearby town where the food bank is located.  We don't have many free days any more and the boys especially miss their play time when we're so busy.  But, after working for that hour and filling up bags of food and distributing the food to those in need, our attitudes changed - both mine and the boys'.  What an uplifting feeling to know you are helping someone who truly needs your help!

As I mentioned during "The 30-Day Giving Challenge" during the month of November, sometimes our "time" is what we are most selfish about giving to others.  But sometimes our time is what people need from us the most.  The verse at the top of this post should always be our attitude when we are serving others:  Remember that in serving others, we are really serving God.  He's worthy of our service.

In old movies, if someone called for their servants - maybe a butler or a maid, they might have replied, "At your service!".  As servants of God, we should say that very same thing, "AT YOUR SERVICE, GOD!

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