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Monday, November 9, 2009

You Are Invited

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It's nice to be invited to things like birthday parties, showers, and fun gatherings with friends and family.  But, there is one invitation we should ALWAYS turn invitation to a "Pity Party".

What is a "Pity Party"?  A pity party is when you and I begin to feel sorry for ourselves.  We have the "poor me" attitude, as if everything in the world revolves only around us.  We spend our time only looking inward to ourselves - thinking about our wants, our needs, and our happiness.

A pity party-type attitude causes us to have a chip on our shoulder and the mind-set that everyone is out to get us and displease us.  We feel that nothing ever goes our way, that gloom and dispare is the only thing in sight.  We fail to see the good in anything.

God doesn't want us to have "Pity Parties".  He says to us through His Word:  "Look up!"  "Look to Me for your strength, your joy, and your happiness".  His Word also tells us to find ways to serve each other - to give to each other - and gives us a perfect example of His Son, Jesus, who spent years doing just that.

The 30-Day Giving Challenge, which began November 1, is a way to help get our minds set on things above and also set on people in need all around us.  Today during announcements before worship services, names were listed of those who were sick, who had lost loved ones, or who needed prayers in other ways.  One way to get ourselves out of "Pity Parties" is to think of those on the prayer list.  Send them a note, a card, and especially take time to pray for each of those individuals.

If you receive an "invitation" to a Pity Party, RSVP in the following way:  "NO, Thank you!" 

Have a great week!

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