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Sunday, November 8, 2009

The Ft. Hood Tragedy and The Giving Challenge

Saturday was a week since I began "The 30-Day Giving Challenge" and many of you joined with me.  (Note:  If you don't know about the challenge, please click on the link to the right on my home page.)  When I began the challenge, little did I know that our town would be faced with a unique way to give a few days later.

On Thursday, Ft. Hood became the site of a terrible act of violence which claimed the lives of innocent people and injured many more.  Families were heartbroken to hear of the news of their loved ones.  Even though when one is in the armed forces, the fact that something could happen is acknowledged, most everyone would agree that it's not typically thought of to be something that would happen in our own country. It would more expected to be in other countries where our soldiers are sent to protect the freedom of others. But, on this day, it was here - right in our "backdoor" to speak..  It was at one of our own military bases.

This tragedy struck close in the hearts of our small town.  J.D. Hunt was one of the young men killed on Thursday.  J.D. was from here, having graduated from Tipton High School in 2005.  He had married only 2 1/2 months ago.

A special challenge of giving came as our community heard of the passing of J.D.  Although his family no longer lives here, but lives in another town close by, the town came together at the Friday night football game to pay special tribute to his memory.  The honor guard from Altus (OK) Air Force Base agreed to come, which made our National Anthem even more special that evening. Everyone prayed silently for J.D. and the others who lost their lives or were injured on that tragic day.

That Friday morning I had the opportunity to help one of our school teachers in organizing a way to honor J.D.  We purchased ribbon (red, white, and blue) and straight pins.  During the day the Student Council members made hundreds of ribbons to be passed out to all those in attendance at the football game that evening.  The ribbons will be warn during the week and the military past and present will be honored on Wednesday during our school's annual Veteran's Day program.

The Giving Challenge is a great way to help us think to do things for others.  Of course, I wish this tragedy had never happened and that there would not have been a need to pay honor to those who lost their lives.  But, God's Word tells us that there will be times like this and reaching out to help each other - to give comfort to each other and to all the families who lost loved ones - is what being a Christian is all about.

Please continue to give.  Please accept The 30-Day Giving Challenge.  And, please continue to pray for the victims of the Ft. Hood tragedy.  And, if we are truly going to be like Jesus, we must pray for the man accused of this crime.  Pray that his hard heart may be softened.  But, also remember to pray for his family.  It would be very hard to realize someone you loved could commit such a horrible crime.  They need prayers for strength at this time.

Have a great, giving week!

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Wa Wa Waughs said...

It was so nice of you all to come together and do that so quickly. I'm sure the family won't forget it!

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