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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Understanding the Recipe

Our 15 year old, Jacob, needs some help in the cooking department, apparently.  Last week in his Life Skills class, they were making a dessert. The recipe called for 1 1/2 TEASPOONS of baking soda.  The teacher caught him just as he was putting the last 1/2 CUP of baking soda in! He had already put in the whole CUP!!!  She scooped out as much as she could, but then they decided to go ahead and bake the dish! It didn't blow up, but she took it out of the oven, just as it was about to.  He'll never live it down, will he??!

Jacob read the recipe, but didn't get the clear picture of what the recipe meant....or was mixed up on what he thought he saw. Either way, it was wrong.

You know?  Some people do the same thing with the Bible. They read part of it - the "recipe" - and either get all mixed up on what it says, or don't understand what they read.

Just as the dessert didn't work, reading the Bible and getting a mixed-up message won't work, either.  Sometimes it takes a "teacher" to help us understand the "recipe" of the Bible.  Or maybe we, ourselves, can study more and find out what the "recipe" really means.  We can't learn to bake without understanding more about the recipe. We can't learn about God and Jesus without a bigger understanding of the Bible. It takes some time to learn to bake.  It takes time to learn about being a follower of Jesus.  But both are very rewarding.  And one is absolutely necessary!

Becoming a follower of Christ is the very best decision you can ever make.  Studying that life "recipe" book is the best book you could ever learn about!  It can change your life. It will change where you spend your eternity!
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