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Thursday, October 24, 2013

Somebody Else

Last night in ladies' class, I taught a lesson called, "Be a Servant".  It's good to examine your life from time to time and see if you are doing all you can  do in your service to God.  Our greatest Christian role as a Christian is to tell others about Jesus.  That is our mission - to bring others to Him.

There are other ways to be the Lord's servant, as well.  Little things we can do that need to be done.  Jesus did menial tasks throughout His ministry, though in reality, they weren't menial at all.  They were big because serving someone else is always big in the eyes of God.

Ask yourself these questions about your Christian service:
If everyone served God the way I do, what would get done?
If everyone served God the way I do, what would be left undone?
What is one thing I can do today to be a better servant of God?

Do you do all that you can do?  Do I?  Maybe we don't, and just maybe it’s because we think Somebody Else will do it.

There’s a clever young guy named Somebody Else,
There’s nothing this guy can’t do.
He is busy from morning till way late at night,
Just substituting for you.
You’re asked to do this or you’re asked to do that
And what is your reply?
Get Somebody Else to do that job,
He’ll do it much better than I.
So much to do in this weary old world
So much and workers so few,
And Somebody Else, all weary and worn,
Is still substituting for you.
-Author Unknown

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