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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

The Chronicles of Biscuit: "Goin' Through the Motions"

Today I had to go to Oklahoma City, so didn't pick Biscuit up after school. On my way home, I called him. He was at the office with his dad.  It was an interesting conversation:

Me:  Hi, Biscuit! How was your day?
Biscuit:  Oh, know....just goin' through the motions.
Me: Oh, really?  How do you just 'go through the motions' at school?
Biscuit: Well, you just go through the day, but you don't really know what's going on. You're just kind of 'there'.  

Well, that's interesting, isn't it???  Wonder if Biscuit just 'goes through the motions' often at school?  I'm guessing 'not' since we haven't gotten a call or text from the teachers or the PRINCIPAL!  Ha ha!!  (And Biscuit will be in BIG trouble if we DO get a call about it!!)

But Biscuit got me to thinking.....

How often do we just "go through the motions" as a Christian?  How many times do we worship Him, without really, really worshipping Him?  How many times do we sing praises to Him, yet not focus on the words? How many times do we partake of the Lord's Supper....a time of communion with Him, yet fail to focus on what He did for us.  Dying on a cross is pretty significant.  It was a huge gift that He willingly gave His life for ME and for YOU.

Maybe Biscuit's thoughts made me think just a little bit more about my worship.....and my praise.....and my communion with my Lord and Savior.  And just maybe it will make you think about yours, as well.

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