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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Family Weekend Fun

My parents are getting ready to celebrate their 40th wedding anniversary.  This weekend we happened to be going to see our daughter perform in a musical at college, so my sister and I also planned a meal and little surprise for them.
I didn't get a picture of them together that day, and by the time I thought about it the next day, dad had already changed from his church clothes to his overalls!  Oh, well....maybe my sister can get one of them on the 19th....their anniversary date!
 The surprise was that one of my mom's brothers and his wife came to the celebration!  It was fun surprising them!
 He's always funny, so got them this really cute card!
Later that evening, we saw Lauren perform in Will Rogers' Follies.  It was fun seeing her perform, since we don't have things like this in our small town! She enjoyed it, but was thankful to have an end to the late-night practices and having every evening tied up with something.
 I kept telling her to "break a leg", but she didn't like that much since many of the routines and dances were on really tall and steep steps!  Even her brothers enjoyed the show!
 Here she is with two of her cousins.  
We brought her flowers to help celebrate the performance.  So much fun!  

And, she's coming home for Fall Break today!  Yippee!  

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Wa Wa Waughs said...

Sounds like a fun weekend of celebrating!

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