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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Ready or Not?

This morning I read a few scriptures before deciding what to write about, but everything I read seemed like a longer type of post material that I didn't have time for today.  So, I glanced through Facebook and  found a status that became my inspiration.  This post seems like it should be on our parenting blog:  "Parents After God's Own Heart".  Perhaps I'll put it there tomorrow!

The status began like this:  "From what I've read on my newsfeed, I'm pretty sure I'm the only mom not ready for school to start."  I immediately wrote and said, "I'm right there with you!"  In fact, I'm a mom that's never ready for school to start.  Truthfully, the only thing I look forward to each year is the extra-curricular activities!  I appreciate the learning that goes on, and of course appreciate the teachers that facilitate that learning, but I would rather my children be home with me.  Once it's starts, after a week or two, I'm supportive all the way.  It just takes me a while :).

Yes, I could have home schooled and have thought about it over and over, but we felt like in our small community, it was best for our children to be in public school. They can be a Christian example to those around them, and have been.  My husband works at a children's home, so we felt like it was only right for our children to be where they were.  Also, in our area, there is no home-school group that could provide group athletics and extra curricular activities for them to be involved to that degree.

So back to the "ready or  not" for school.  I love my kids and love being around them! I want them with me as much as possible because some day soon they'll all be gone.  In reality, we don't have a long time with our children, so as long as they are here, I want to spend lots of time with them.

I understand that if both parents work, it can be a hardship in the summer to find daycare, etc., for them.  I had that same problem when my first three were little and I worked three days a week.  That's one reason why I quit, even though financially we weren't sure we could do it.  But, it wasn't worth the headache of working all of that out some times.  But, you know what I found?  I loved being a stay-at-home mom!  In fact, I think it is the greatest job on earth!

Everyone has their reasons for wanting school to start, and some of those reasons are totally legitimate.  To me, though, the ones that are sad are when it is because of selfishness of the parents.  Here are a few "selfish" reasons I've seen or heard:

I need more time for myself.
My kids are unruly.
The house is messier with my children here.
I can't relax.
They drive me crazy.
And I could go on and on......

But, do you see the common issue in each of those statements?  In each one, the parent is more  concerned about themselves than they are about the children.  It's really sad.  And it's even sadder if moms are letting their children hear that they don't want them at home - that they would rather them be gone.  How do children feel when they hear those statement?  I know my children have heard those statements and have even felt bad for other children because of it.  Many times they've felt bad hearing it.

Moms, when you became a mom - at that instant - your child became your God-given responsibility. There's no debating it.  That child is yours to raise and love and nurture.  Please don't wish the time away with your child.  They'll be gone before you know it!

Ready or not?  I'll never be ready. But, sadly, next week....I must be willing.

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Wa Wa Waughs said...

As a former teacher, I think everyone benefits from some time away from each other - teachers/students and kids/parents and sometimes kids perform better for the teacher than they do their parents! I hope your kids all get some great teachers that will stretch them mentally and you will be there to welcome them home and nurture them like you do so well!

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