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Thursday, August 29, 2013

Saying NO!

(Photo by me...for our Parents After God's Own Heart Facebook page.)

I was reading this scripture a few days ago, and it really hit me. It made me ask myself if I'm saying NO! to worldly passions and ungodliness. I asked if I'm living a self-controlled upright life....a godly life. In some areas, yes, I am. But sadly, in some areas, I need to allow God to work on me! 

Sometimes we need to do a heart-check and see ourselves as God sees us. It's good to take an honest look at our lives, but not always easy to do do. Things that seem minor in our thinking can get in the way of our spiritual heart-check, so we have to be really honest with ourselves and examine each area.

There's always room for improvement I can do with my unkind words, my tone, my critical attitude, at times. 

I can learn self-control in the foods I chose to eat, the health-aspect of life. 

So, what do you need to work on today? What do you need to say NO! to? 

Do you need to be content? Say no to shopping? Spending too much money? Comparing what you have or don't have with others? Wasting time on useless things? Neglecting responsibilities in your family? What about committing to a healthier eating lifestyle? 

There are a lot of areas we may not think about that may be causing us to not live the kind of life God desires for us to have. But, He's right there to help us get it all worked out. He is right there with us to help us change. We just have to ask Him, and have faith that we can do it, through Him.


Wa Wa Waughs said...

My frustration is that when I improve in one area, another often gets behind. I know we can't be perfect, but it sure is frustrating sometimes! God appreciates our effort and we must continue to stay in touch with hime and try to please him!

Lori said...

I understand :). Yes, He does, and yes, we do!

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