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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

The Oklahoma Snow Storm

I was all excited at the first of the week as weather reports predicted several inches of snow for the southwest corner of Oklahoma. Even more was predicted for further north.  Because I get so excited about snow (unreasonably more excited, that is!), I "punished" myself and only allowed myself to look at the forecasts for a short amount of time.  Otherwise I get so excited that I can hardly sleep!  Crazy, I know!

I was busy studying for my Wednesday night Bible class yesterday morning, occassionally looking out the window to see if the rain had turned to snow.  I began to think we weren't going to get any, but of course, was thankful for the rain. Around noon, I got a text from my husband that said, "Snow!".  He works about a mile and a half north of our house, so I knew the snow would be here soon.  I watched out the window and, sure enough, it came!  I was so excited!  It snowed off and on for several hours - some big, beautiful snowflakes - but as soon as it hit the ground it melted.  I figured that eventually it would start to stick, but it didn't.  I guess the ground was too warm for that.

Towns all around us got several inches.  Many schools were closed or got out early.  Many schools are closed still today, or at least going in a few hours late.  Not us.  There's no need.  The kids were disappointed!  Many of us adults were, too!!

One of my friends wrote that they had close to 20 inches of snow...just a couple of hours north of us.  Even 30 minutes away people got 3 or 4 inches.  Some friends are trying to dig out of their homes due to huge drifts.  Many are without electricity.

Anticipation of something exciting - like a pretty snow - made me think about awaiting Jesus' return.  What if we waited and waited and waited and it never happened?  How would we feel if we never saw Him come like the Bible 'forecase' says He will?

We don't have to worry about that or be anxious about the fact that He is coming.  And yet, while we shouldn't "worry" about it anyway, we should be prepared at all times.  No, it may not happen during our lives here on earth, but it will happen.  God said it would happen, so it will.  The Bible is truth - there's no doubt about it!

I saw several photos of the bread aisle at Walmart the day before the "storm".  There was no bread, or only one or two loaves.  There were mostly empty shelves.  People hoarded food and water and supplies to prepare for the impending snow storm...not knowing if they would be able to get out or not.  Other did not prepare, believing they had nothing to prepare for, but then found themselves snowed in without necessities, such as batteries.

Matthew 25:1-13 tells us of some foolish virgins who also weren't prepared to meet the bridegroom.  This parable Jesus taught His followers is a lesson for us today.  A lesson for us to prepare and to always be prepared for the return of Jesus and for the Judgement Day.  We don't know the hour.  We don't know the day.  But He is coming.  He expects His people to keep watch and be prepared.  Not worry, but be ready. He wants us to be ready on that day so that He can take us to live with Him for eternity.  Isn't that a 'forecast' we're longing to see come?  I am! I pray you are, too!


Terri Gelhausen. said...

Thank you for your thoughts. So true, we can prepare for many emergencies in our earthly home, but we need to prepare for Christ's coming. We've been given a forecast of what's coming!

Lori said...

You're welcome, and thank you for stopping by :). Lori

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