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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Scavenger Hunt List for Youth Group

Someone asked for the list of scavenger hunt we did Sunday night with our youth group.  I decided that many might be interested.  This is the list we used Sunday night, but I'll also list some afterwards that are from lists we've done before (the ones I couldn't get to on my computer).  If you have any ideas for scavenger hunts, let me know.  Our ideas are based on a small town of less than 800 people.  If you're in a bigger town there are so many more ideas for fun things; however, it's pretty neat that the kids know where almost everyone lives here so they can go looking for their treasures at certain places!

No Speeding!! :)
No more than one item per house!
Nothing from our house (the starting place)!

1. Buy $.06 (cents) worth of gas and have the cashier sign the ticket (we only have one place to get gas that is a convenience store).
2. Have an Elder sign here: _________________________________
3. Have one of our song leaders sign here: _________________________
4. Get an official (fake offense) written warning from a policeman. (This is easy in a small town and one of the adult drivers is also a policeman so called him and warned him.)
5. Get a photo of the whole team and a police officer in front of the van.
6. Go do a good deed for a high school teacher. Take a picture with the whole team and the teacher.  Have the teacher sign and list the good deed.
7. Go sign a song to someone over 80.  List song and get signature of person.
8. Go get a crayon rubbing. Use purple crayon.
9. Get a birthday candle. Any color.
10. Get a movie ticket stub.
11. Get a McDonald's sack, cup, or other wrapper/trash.
12. Get a photo with an elementary teacher and the whole group.
13. Buy something for someone at Hop & Sack. Get a photo with the whole group. (No alcohol or cigarette/tobacco purchases.)
14. Go sing "Mary Had a Little Lamb" to a cottage (we have a children's home here and the houses are called "cottages").
15. Collect 50 pecans.
16. Get a Walmart sack and fill it with trash (not from a trash can).
17. Get something from the state championship game (football), but NO CLOTHING!
18. Get signature from a former military person. _______________________________
19. Get a photo of the whole group on the play slide/structure at Tipton Home (could do city park).
20. Bring back two people who were not at our house before the hunt.

Little red Bible
Church directory
Record album
Yearbook from 1970's
Heart cookie cutter
Silk flower ( I think we did a blue one.)
Menu from a restaurant
A Sonic cup
Something from a certain university or sports team. (OU, OSU, OKC Thunder, or Texas Rangers were some we did.)

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Wa Wa Waughs said...

I love it that alot of the clues are people!

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