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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Senior Night and Homecoming 2013

We experienced a first this week.  Actually, we experienced a few firsts and several "lasts".  Fun, extra-curricular activities signifying that the end of high school, for our oldest child, is approaching very quickly!
Tuesday night was our high school basketball teams' "Senior Night" and Homecoming.  Lauren was a part of both celebrations.  I thought I would be sad, but I didn't have time to be sad, really.  Too busy to think about it, I suppose.  And then I wonder if "thinking" about it is sad, but that actually "going through it" isn't as sad??  Maybe at the time you go through it you are caught up in the moment and memories and don't think of being sad.  Not sure about that.  I'm pretty sure I'll be sad during some of these times in the next few months.
It was an exciting night for Lauren and her friends as Homecoming candidates and for each of their families, as well.  Fun memories of their Senior year, and the last "home" game for the season....and forever for some.
The last team prayer on the home court - the new tradition I told you about recently, but one the Seniors have shown as an example for the rest of their teammates and fans.
A celebration of memories for all of the Seniors and their families.  The last time to be cheered on by the home team fans.  The anticipation of playoffs beginning tomorrow.  

Congratulations, Seniors! We're proud of all you have accomplished and look forward to your successes in the future!

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Wa Wa Waughs said...

Looks like a fun night! You're right - lots of fun while it's happening. For me, odd times when I got emotional. Thankfully, didn't hit me too often. Enjoy and take lots of pics!

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