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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Teen Valentine Banquet & Scavenger Hunt 2013

(SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT:  THE PLAYLIST is working again!  Turn your sound up and listen to Hallal and The Zoe Group!)
Sunday night was our annual "Teen Valentine Banquet & Scavenger Hunt".  
We had a huge turnout, having to add more tables and chairs as the others filled up.
Thankfully, I had made plenty of food, but it's the first time that ALL of the lasagna and ALL of the dessert was totally eaten!  Many got seconds, but we were glad there weren't many leftovers.  We tire of lasagna in a hurry if there is ever any left!
As in the past, I made chicken and beef lasagna.  You can find the recipes to serve large groups on my "Life's a Bowl of Cherries" blog.
This time I made the most breadsticks ever - 180!  There were 20 left.  This recipe can also be found on the "Cherries' blog.  They are a favorite of the youth and the adults.  
The scavenger hunt was different this time.  My big desktop computer is having major problems, so I couldn't print out the hunt list from the past.  Quickly one of the adults helped me put one together while the teens ate their meal.  He helped come up with some fun ideas since he is also a member of our small town police department!  One was to go get a "ticket" from the officer on duty.  It wasn't a real ticket or a real offense - just something made up with his signature.
The first group to arrive decided to trick the other two groups.  They moved their van to the back of our fence - in the field.  When the second group arrived, they thought they were first!  As they busted through the door, they were surprised to see another group sitting in the living room, calmly waiting on the others!
You many remember that part of the hunt list says to bring back two people that weren't previously at our house.  That is a neat part because many in town "want" to be picked up!  They are hoping to be part of the hunt.  Most likely many are NOT wanting to be a part!  That's the funny part :).
When all of the groups got back, my husband did a devotional.  It was a great illustration using silly putty.  I'll share it soon....or have him share it :). 
The singing was BEAUTIFUL with all of us gathered in our living room/dining room/kitchen.  I would have liked to sing like that for hours.  (Tonight is our monthly singing night - yay!)
There are many fun events and opportunities for spiritual growth for the youth throughout the year, but I would like to think that this annual event is one of those special times that they look forward to each year.  I know I do.
What a blessing to have so many in our youth group in this small town of less than 900 people!  We are very thankful for each and every one of them and pray that we are teaching them and sharing Christ with them in all that we do.

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Wa Wa Waughs said...

That a lot of lasagna to make! Bless you!

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