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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Senior Class of '13 - Christmas Party

The THS Senior Class of '13 has been getting together monthly since the end of the last school year.
For December, they decided to go look at Christmas lights in Altus and go out to eat Mexican food.
Of course, not all of them can come or want to come, but for this evening, there were 14 Seniors able to make it for the night of fun.
My daughter and her friend had to take a picture with the Grinch.  Little did they know what would be happening when they arrived back at our house after the party!
The freezing cold temperatures cut the walk in the park to see the lights a little short.  Everyone was ready to get back to the house for some hot chocolate.
 But first they took the time to stop and take a group Santa's chair.  Santa is only there on weekends right now, so they didn't get to talk to him Monday night :).
After we had been at our house for a few minutes, Grinch showed up at the door!
Some of the Seniors were excited.  Some where worried.  Some were scared.  
 And some didn't know what to do!
My daughter and her friend were a little bit of all of those.  They couldn't keep from laughing!  It was so funny watching them!
Finally they calmed down enough to get a nice picture before Grinch had to leave.  He had fun knocking on a neighbor's door and walking with a few family members as they were getting some exercise in the middle of town.
Before leaving the house, Grinch (my oldest son was wearing the costume) took time to pose with our youngest.  Not sure Tyler would have taken the picture with him if he hadn't known who was under the mask!  Still a little strange, even knowing who was in there!

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