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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Happy 10th Birthday, Tyler!

Ten years old!  Double digits!  
Happy birthday to our youngest child, Tyler (a.k.a. Biscuit!

After 10 years of having soups, stew, cornbread, and garlic/cheese biscuits for Tyler's family meal, he has informed us that this year he doesn't want that meal.  His reasoning is pretty good....for a 10 year old.  You see, Tyler feels that since he's 10 now, he's a BOY.  Before he was 10, he was just a kid. (according to him, that is!).  Now he's a BOY, and he can make big decisions, such as what to have to eat at his family party.  He chose stacked enchiladas, which is really quite a bit easier for me.  I should thank him!

Tyler also decided he didn't need a theme for his party.  For a party-decorating diva like me (ha ha!), that's kind of a slap in the face, but I'll grant him this wish.  However, he did instruct me on HOW to decorate his cake.  In detail.  Colors to use and designs to make.  (Maybe he'll forget.  Doubtful.  He's got a great 'rememberer' :).

(Buddy the Elf left Tyler a birthday message and some balloons.)

Some important things happened in Tyler's life this year, and since this blog post is written for Tyler to have in the future, I'm going to list those important things, so that he call look back on it some day.  Of course, you are welcome to read them, too.

January 2012
Tyler got his own room.  Our new addition to our house was finished.  No more sharing with his two brothers!

Tyler joined 4-H.

February 2012
Tyler did his first 4-H demonstration and placed 1st.

March 2012
Tyler showed at OYE in Oklahoma City......the first "big" stock show as a new 4-H member.

April 2012
First Rangers' game of the 2012 season. 

May 2012
Tyler moved up to Grammy's class at VBS and away from my class.  The last of my children for me to teach in VBS :(.

June 2012
Tyler placed 2nd in several golf tournaments.
Tyler attended QMCC for the first time as a camper.

July 2012
Tyler attended QMCC with his whole family at his dad and uncle's session.

August 2012
Tyler began 4th grade.

September 2012 
Tyler learned to express his thoughts and opinions.  (A Chronicles of Biscuit post.)

October 2012
Tyler obeyed the gospel and put on His Lord in Baptism.
Tyler tried out and made our 4th grade chorus and will perform in "Circle the State in Song" soon.

November 2012
Tyler placed 1st in a one-mile race for his age group.

December 2012
Our football team won state!
Tyler's first academic meet with his team. They were awarded with a plaque for District Runner Up.

I love you very much!  I can not imagine life without you.  You bring all of us much joy and laughter! 

You made the very most important decision this year when you decided to follow Jesus.  I know that baptizing you is one of your dad's most special days ever.  It was for me, too.  I look forward to watching you grow in your knowledge of God and in your service to Him - following in the footsteps of Jesus and relying on the power of the Holy Spirit who will guide you to do the Lord's Will.

Thank you for being YOU!  Yes, you need to be more responsible.  Yes, you need to learn to clean up your room better.  Yes, we've probably made you that way because you were the "baby".  You'll always be the baby, no matter how old you are.  (But, Biscuit - you better learn to be responsible, too! :)

Our prayer is that you always keep Him before anything else in life.  You have many goals and dreams.  Pray for God's wisdom in your goals and He will direct your paths and show you the way you should go.  Never forget that!

Double digits is a big deal.  You're a boy now!  (I can't wait for you to read that when you're older!).  You're growing up way too fast, but we enjoy watching you grow and learn.  We are thankful for you, Tyler, and we can't wait to see what God has planned for your life. 

I'll love you forever and always!

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Wa Wa Waughs said...

So sweet. And he has quite a lot of "firsts" this year!

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