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Sunday, December 16, 2012

Elementary Youth Group Christmas Party 2012

What a fun and special time of year!  Kids are excited! Adults are excited!  There are parties galore!
 Of course, if you have a party, you much have food, right?  I made some fun Christmas-themed food for the elementary youth group tonight.  A veggie Christmas tree.....
 .....snowman mini donuts.....
....and snowman peanut butter and jelly sandwiches (with raisin eyes/mouth and a carrot nose).
The kids enjoyed eating....
 .....and laughing.....
Instead of going through a line or buffet, the were served each dish.  It was less chaotic that way, plus a treat for them.
They played the "'Twas the Night Before Christmas" book game, where you pass a gift (or several) around the circle and hand it to the left every time the word "the" is read. That's always a lot of fun!
My husband enjoyed reading the book for the kids as they passed the presents.  We had five gifts wrapped, so several kids "won" the prize for this game.
 We divided the kids into three groups and had them pick one person to be wrapped as a snowman.
They were given three rolls of toilet paper, a scarf and a hat.  The winning team had to wrap the snowman well, and put on the hat and scarf on the person.
 The kids had a lot of fun doing this game/activity!
Yes, it left a mess, but it was quick to clean up, so not a problem.  I do kind of feel bad about wasting the toilet paper, though!  They didn't use all three rolls.  Maybe one or one and a half total.  Having three just made more people able to help.

This fun evening was a treat for the kids and it got them just a little more excited about Christmas coming!  It will be here very soon!

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