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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Family Walls (borrowed title from the suggested site)

I want to share a site with you and a post from there called, "Family Walls".  I've made the site part of my blog roll, so if you visit my home page, you'll find it listed as to the right side and down a little bit on the page.

The post deals with some things that we Christians sometimes want to avoid.  Maybe it's because we'll think we're judging (which isn't condemned in all aspects if we read God's Word throughly).  Maybe it's because we don't think it's any of our business.  But maybe it's because we don't want to analyze our own lives.  Maybe we're afraid that we might realize we're not doing all we could do to keep the world from creeping in too much in our lives and in the lives of our children.  No matter what it is, this post will make you think.....and maybe make you think about changes that could be made within your own "Family Walls".

My theme for the week seems to be "It matters how we live".  It's so important because how we choose to live our our lives as Christians - especially as parents and grandparents - show our children and children so much.  It will be how they model their life, to a large extent.  It's imperative that we use our time wisely while they are in our homes and while we have a big influence in their lives.  Our children learn a lot about how to serve God and others, how to be like Jesus, and how to love His church by what they see and hear and learn within those "Family Walls".

Another important point in this shared post is that it mentions how the mom took the children "to church" regularly.  Attending worship is oh, so important.  Please never get to believing it's not.  But, just being in attendance once, twice, or even three times a week isn't enough.  We MUST be letting the light of Jesus shine within our every day lives to be teaching our children and bringing them up in Christ.  We can't "take them to church".  We must teach them and show them that they "are the church".  It's not about the building, even though we meet together (for the most part) in a building.  It's about what's happening with the people meeting in those "Family Walls".....with your brothers and sisters in Christ.

If your "walls could talk", what would they be telling?

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