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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Another "Last"

So a few weeks ago I posted about the first day of school for my four children......and that it was the last first day of school for our oldest - and only daughter because she is a Senior.

And now another "last"......the local fair.  In fact, because she's needing to take the ACT, she'll miss the county fair.  And - the kids aren't showing at the State Fair this year for the first time in many years.  So it's the last fair - of all fairs! Kind of weird, and neither of us thought of that until it was over.  Maybe that was best!
Our small town (Small meaning less than 1,000 people.....not less than 10,000 people like some surveys consider small!) fair isn't much, but it's still a fair.  I don't know of many little towns that have their own you?  It's always a special time and kicks off the school year with a fun activity.

So Lauren did pretty well in her final fair year.  She won Grand Champion Wether in the goat show and won 1st place in her AP English class "Summer Booklet".  This booklet is a kind of paper scrapbook that the teacher, Coach Tyler, has her students do every year at the beginning of school.  It's such a wonderful idea - giving the students something fun to write about, while making it a quick project that is graded and also entered at the fair.  Lauren can enter her scrapbook in the county fair, as well.  Who knows? It might even go to State!
Isn't he a "pretty" goat!  Looks like she's really enjoying being "shown".  She's a natural, it seems :).

Years ago the local fair had a parade.  I was in charge of it for many years and enjoyed it immensely.  I was sad when it ended, because I love parades and so did my kids and other kids!  I remember working hard to help my own children get ready for the parade.  I would decorate their little Fisher Price battery-run cars, build props, make costumes.....lots of fun things.
Lauren and "Rooster" decked out in "Luau Attire" for the Best Dressed Pet Contest and Tipton Fair Parade - August, 2004  **Correction: Lauren says this dog is "Pepsi", not "Rooster".  Rooster was a Dalmatian!
Lauren's 1st year in 4-H - showing at the fair - August 2004.   I think there were only four goats at the fair that year!  Times have changed!

GRATEFUL!  What great memories!  What small-town fun!  So thankful for the pictures!  So thankful to share with Lauren in each of these "lasts".  So very grateful to have had all of these years watching Lauren grow up, mature, and seeing how God is working in her life.  Looking forward to seeing what He has in store in the future!

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Sweet memories and pics!

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