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Thursday, August 16, 2012

A New School Year

Well, they're off to school once again.  I'm always a little sad when it's the end of summer break and the carefree (sort of, anyway) and less scheduled summer comes to an end.  It's especially odd this year, having the oldest child going to her "last" first day of high school.  Having a Senior is something new, exciting, scary, and sad!

My prayer for my children as they enter this new school year is that they will live their lives with God in the center of everything, that they will be kind and serve others, just as Jesus Christ would do, and that they will be leaders and good examples within their own classrooms.

A new school year brings a little apprehension, but a lot of excitement - especially in a small, "football is king" town.  The extra curricular activities will soon be under way bringing a small community together after a summer break of going all different directions.

After a few days, the "new" of the new school year will wear off and we'll all be back in the school routine once again.  We'll be busy with ballgames, fairs, and possibly some homework.

God is good.

Our youngest prayed yesterday that everyone would have strength to get through school. Although we kind of laughed at the way he said it, we knew what he meant.....and he's right.  God can help everyone get through school.  He can help us get through the good times and the bad times during this school year.....and every other year.  And He will.


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Wa Wa Waughs said...

Happy School Year! Crazy how much of a man Z is!

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