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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Back 2 School Youth Rally

The Tipton church held its first EVER youth rally this afternoon and evening.  It was a "Back 2 School" theme, and many of the activities and talks focused on ways the teens to take God/Jesus to school.  Many youth from Oklahoma - and a few from Texas - attended the event, plus our own youth. There were about 75 teens in all, with lots of adults in attendance, as well.
The first activity the teens were asked to do was to write down things that kept them from taking God "Back 2 School".  The most common answers were "friends" and "peer pressure".  Those things were discussed throughout the event as adults talked to teens about ways to combat those obstacles.
Several "teamwork" themed games were played.  This one involved moving a cotton ball down the group line by sucking it in on the end of a straw.  It was funny to watch!
Another activity was a spoon/ping pong ball relay.  Of course the goal was to NOT drop the ping pong ball and be the first group done.
My brother-in-law is our minister and he did an interview with one of our nephews, who happens to be a HS/JH coach and teacher.  Since many of the teens knew him from our church camp or school, it was perfect for them!  Travis answered questions about what he saw at school - in the hallways, the good and bad of teens standing up for what's right/wrong, things that he feels get in the way of the teens taking God to school....etc.  It was great!  He's a GREAT role model for the teens!! 
A side shot of the teens.  The singing was BEAUTIFUL!!!
Of course, with teen events, there must be food!  Here my son and nephew are having a little "cousin time" eating their grilled hamburgers!
The ever-important desserts!  There were LOTS!
My husband spoke on the topic "Choices".  He gave the teens some practical ways they can make good decisions as they go back to school.  They CAN take God/Jesus "BACK 2 SCHOOL"!!  Here he wasn't speaking, though.  He was getting ready to demonstrate how far he can blow a ping pong ball out of his mouth.  Teens need to know things like that, don't they??! :)
The neat part about the youth rally was that many of the teens in attendance go to camp together. This special group of girls are able to get together many times throughout the year, though they live in four different towns.  What a special thing to have Christian friendships that will last FOREVER!

The youth rally was a definite success!  Unless Jesus comes back before next year, I'm certain there will be a 2nd Annual "Back 2 School" Tipton Youth Rally!

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Wa Wa Waughs said...

Sounds like it was great! We've had similar things for our teens the past few years, and I love it that even in our worship services we recognize it and prayer for administrators, teachers, and students. It's definitely a mission field.

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