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Monday, May 7, 2012

Oklahoma FFA State Convention - 2012

Last week, I had the privilege of attending the Oklahoma FFA State Convention with my two oldest children.  Well.....actually I wasn't "with" them, but went, and was able to be around them during the event.  In this photo, it's the first that I can remember when my son, who is 15, is actually taller than my daughter, who is 17!  And that's only because it was the very end of the convention and she traded in her heels for flats just right before we snapped this photo.  Amazing how grown-up they are!
One of the highlights of the week, was that my daughter had been selected to be one of 103 members to be in the state convention chorus.  There were two other girls from our town that were selected, as well.  The chorus members go up several days early before the convention, to practice the songs they will be singing.  The chorus was GREAT!  

If you are interested, my daughter has loaded the song videos on YouTube.  The channel is kinsler52.  I made the videos from a loooooonnnnnggggg way away and with a lot of "zoom" so they aren't nearly as good as the group was live, but they're still good. 

A special shout out to a former Oklahoman and FFA member, Colte Julian, who flew in from Chicago with short notice, to direct the chorus.  He is in the musical, "Million Dollar Quartet".  Check out his videos!  
I'm always impressed by the inspirational nature of the FFA Convention, as well as the focus on God from many who speak and many who are the FFA state officers.  Josh Shipp was just one of those who inspired all who heard him.  
Josh is also a former Oklahoman, with an amazing story that leaves his audience spellbound, encouraged, and very motivated to make the most out of life.
Grant Baldwin and his speech entitled "Reality Check" was humorous and uplifting!  He has a book by the same title.
And a special pre-last-session show was this man.  I can't remember his name, but he did the "Deck of Cards Bible" story.  Here's a link to read it, if you don't know about it.      

I'm not sure the story is actually true, but it's still an amazing story to tell and share with others.  You could have heard a pin drop in the convention center, which is saying a lot with thousands and thousands of people.  I heard this story many years ago at a Bible camp.  It's a memorable story with a great illustration using the cards.

This years theme for the FFA convention was "I Believe".  I believe that FFA is a wonderful organization for youth.  Formerly "Future Farmers of American", it's now just FFA.  It's so much more than what people believe it to be - just for farmers and those who show livestock at fairs!  But, I believe, most importantly, that for organizations like this to not be afraid to keep God at the center and the focus of its convention - not worrying about political correctness one bit - is something to be commended.  Thank you, FFA!  I am so thankful my children have the opportunity to be a part of this great organization!

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Wa Wa Waughs said...

Sounds like it was a real highlight of the year!

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