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Monday, May 28, 2012

Guess Whooooo??? Teacher of the Year Reception 2012

Each May, at the end of the school year, I have the privilege of decorating for our school's "Teacher of the Year" reception.  This year I chose an owl theme for the decor.  I like putting four 6-foot tables together to make a big rectangle for this event.  It allows for plenty of room for the 100 piece cake and large punch bowl.
Because of the popularity of burlap now, I used burlap tablecloths, as well as burlap pieces on the handmade banners I created.  A big crocheted owl, an arch with hanging wooden owls (decorated with paper and burlap) stood on top of the big refreshment table.
Cutting out letters using my Cricut (I purchased it used for $50!!!) made the banner come together rather quickly.  
For this main banner, I actually bought a plain, white banner that came in a package (Hobby Lobby), then just put paper, felt, and burlap on top of it. 
The large piece of owl material over the burlap table cloth was perfect to match the other decorations.  I found it at Walmart.  The owl cake was adorable and tasted great!  It's so much fun to have everything match with the theme!
Our school has a "Teacher of the Year" winner for our public school site, as well as for the juvenile detention center that is in our school district.  Each recipient had a table decorated specifically for them. They received many gifts from a lot of businesses in our area. The owl on the right of this picture became the inspiration for the color scheme.  He was really cute!
Last year, our school also began recognizing a "support staff" person of the year and a volunteer of the year.  The support person for this year was our school custodian who has one of the very hardest jobs at the school.  Can you imagine cleaning up after hundreds of students EVERY day???!  What a big job!  Nancy does it wonderfully!  The stuffed burlap owls on this table were handmade and painted by me.
Congratulations to each of you!
For this teacher's table, I made burlap/felt canvases.  The teacher is an art teacher, so it seemed to fit her perfectly.
And finally, I made some burlap flags to add to each table.  The burlap triangles were actually purchased at Hobby Lobby - though I made some myself for the banners.  I found cute clip art owls that I printed off onto white card stock, then glued them to dowel sticks to poke around in various places. 

The "Guess Whoooooo???"  theme was a HOOT! :)


Wa Wa Waughs said...

Really cute!

Jed Lovejoy said...

I am proud to say the crochet owl was made by my wife! I do miss " childproof testing" it out for her.

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