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Monday, February 13, 2012

Senior Saints' Banquet 2012 - Vintage Valentine/Music Theme

In 1994, our young adult Bible class began organizing a Senior Saints Banquet for the older members of the church.  Though our "young" adult class isn't so young anymore, we're still hosting the event every year on the weekend closest to Valentine's Day.
For the theme this year, I chose a vintage Valentine/music theme.  It was so much fun getting all of the supplies together for this look!  The colors were white/ivory/black/silver.
I asked our preacher (and my brother-in-law) if he had seen any old song books around the building.  Since he had just moved into the office, he knew right where some were.  The former, now retired preacher had given him a stack of really old ones.  Perfect!  I used one whole book for these paper hearts and wrappers for the inside candles.
The tables were set for five or six people each.  
The whole theme/inspiration for this decor was based on these placemats I found at a little store in Altus, OK.  You can find them at   I found Valentine stamps at Walmart and stamped LOVE, Be Mine, and You're Sweet in the center of each plate.  The centerpiece black/ivory papers are from the same line as the placemats.
Music hearts and silver heart confetti.
I made a lot of paper doily/music hearts to hang from the ceiling.  Thanks to my husband for hanging all of them for me!  He typically isn't a "decorator"!!
Paper doilies with silver glitter also hung from above.
A few of these 3-D hearts were hung.  Not many, but they were pretty!
 Something about candles.....So pretty!
Close-up of the centerpieces.
 Room from a distance...
Close-up of one pennant.
Close-up of hearts.
Little lace valance for a typically bare window.
Another view....
Dessert table!

The Senior Saints were served ham, green beans, potato casserole, bread, and homemade desserts.  They played a "2 truths and 1 untruth" game.  We guessed who was who.  They also played a matching game using songs from the song book about "love".  They matched the song title with a phrase from the song.  So much fun!  What a blessing those Seniors are to all of us!

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Wa Wa Waughs said...

Nice! That's awesome that the tradition has continued for so long! Do not grow weary of doing good!

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