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Monday, February 27, 2012

Baby Shower Decor - Black, White, and Lime Green

Decorating for baby showers is always lots of fun, but this time, using a different color palate than I had done ever before:  lime green, black and white.  I found all of these baby clothes at Hobby Lobby.  The hanging rods were made by hot-gluing smaller rods onto larger ones, cutting them when needed and putting balls on the ends.  If needed, clothes were attached with mini clothes pins.  The lime green crocheted flowers were attached with stick pins (because my duck tape didn't work on material :).  The clothes were all given to the mom-to-be.
Every little baby is special, so planning for his/her up-coming arrival is special as well.  And since this little girl, Tynlee will be my great-niece, it was especially. This name banner was made using a lime green piece of tulle from a roll, zebra print black and white rectangle pieces (alternate the direction of the animal print), burlap rectangle pieces cut from a roll, and lime green ruffled ribbon which made the letters. Hot glue all pieces together and attach letters with mini clothespins.
We have some pictures hanging in our church fellowship building that needed some sprucing up for the shower decor.  I covered the whole picture with a paisley/floral black and white paper, then finished the project in the same manner as I did the banner, except for this one, I hot glued the clothes pin to the background paper and tied a ruffled ribbon bow.  The whole picture was hung by lime green tulle....making an easy cover-up for existing decor.
This burlap wreath is the one I've shown before that hangs on my own front door.  It was dressed-up with some black mesh ribbon and more lime green tulle.  More could have been added to make it even more personalized for this shower.  If my printer had been working, I thought "It's a Girl!" would have been a cute sign hanging in the middle.
Isn't this an interesting addition to the shower decor???  My husband and son hung all of the paper lanterns from the ceiling for me Saturday morning.  When I got ready to finish late that night, I found this little thing sitting like they had made it just for the shower.  Of course, I wanted to give them credit (so no one would think that I did it :).  Later I found out that it was only my husband's doing.  Funny!
Here is another existing picture re-do using the same supplies:  black and white paper, burlap, zebra print ribbon and lime green ruffled ribbon.  I taped the bottom piece of paper to the picture glass, making it easy to just tear off and throw away.
If you remember the Valentine's banquet pictures, I used a candle jar inside of a vase.  This time I used those same candle jars (from Dollar Tree and now in their second use).  I removed the sheet music from the jars, hot glued burlap around them and added zebra and/or lime green ruffled ribbon.  The jars sat on a base off lime green tulle inside of the larger vase.  It made a perfect centerpiece with very little cost.  I'll be able to use the jars at least one or two more times, so they've been a great addition to all of my other "stuff".'s on to get ready for the next baby shower in a few weeks!  It's a girl, too!  Babies are a gift from God :).

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Wa Wa Waughs said...

I thought the table was such a cute idea - a useable centerpiece. Much better than spending $$$ on flowers, in my opinion!

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