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Friday, February 24, 2012

Feed Them and They Will Come...

As our high school teams began the past-District playoffs, I decided to feed them breakfast on the Thursday before the big game beginning the next weekend tournament.  Last Thursday, in addition to all of the meat/egg dishes, I made them these English Royalty Chocolate Chip Scones (Posted at from last week).  Most, if not all, of them had never eaten a scone, so they were introduced to something really new.
I promised the girls and boys' teams that if they were still in the quest towards the gold ball at State, I would continue to feed them a breakfast each Thursday.  With this week's hectic schedule, I wasn't sure I was going to be able to swing having the breakfast, but then I saw one of the girls and she asked me about it.  I told her I was trying to, but wasn't sure (mostly because I wasn't sure what time the teams were leaving school).  
But what she said made all the difference:  "You promised you would, so I was just wondering."  At that moment, I told myself that I/we could make it happen, as long as the coach said okay.  If I've promised something, I will do whatever it takes to make it happen.  I don't like breaking promises - at all.  I don't want it to ever appear like I have lied.  She was just asking a question and not trying to make me feel bad, but her simple question made me even more determined.
This week I got a few moms to help me with the meal, which helped (didn't get me to bed any sooner, but it helped with the food!).  We served more chocolate chip scones (pictured above and made by another mom), fruit, homemade cinnamon rolls, and I made hash browns, breakfast burritos, and sausage & biscuits with gravy.  They had plenty to eat, for sure!
The cheerleaders joined in with the teams as they prepared to cheer on their friends and ball teams.

After a few refills of plates, it was time to get on the bus and head to the first round of the Area Tournament!
Part of the reason I wasn't sure about the breakfast had to do with these shirts pictured above!!  For the first time ever, we ordered playoff shirts!  In a matter of four days (with no school on Monday), we collected money for these shirts.  We had 217 shirts ordered on Tuesday morning.  Wednesday I drove to San Angelo, TX to get the shirts....about a 4 1/2 hour drive.  I wanted to make sure we had time to deliver them Wednesday afternoon for the game the next day.
We arrived at the huge gymnasium.  It was so neat and a fun atmosphere.  My boys and husband got a tour of the facility and the high school from a former teacher and student of THS.  They thought that the whole town of Tipton would have been equal to the number of about one class at this big high school!
Sadly, one of our starters and point guard, Amanda, had emergency appendectomy yesterday morning and didn't get to play.  Without getting down and discouraged, our girls played their hearts out!  Even after getting behind, they came back to within a few points several times.  We lost, but we gave them a good run for the win, for sure!  The girls are done now, but our boys won!  More basketball this afternoon and hopefully tomorrow!
I love this sign on the Yukon gym.  Love what it says!

The teams asked me yesterday if I would feed them breakfast next week.  That would be the State Tournament.  I told them I would - most definitely!!  Then they asked if I would the next week.....after basketball is over.  I loudly exclaimed, "NO!"  :)  It is really a joy feeding these kids.  They appreciate it and I enjoy doing it for them.  Little things.....showing that you care in simple ways.....means a lot to people.  

Take the time to do something for someone TODAY.  If you choose to feed teenagers, they will come! And they will come back for more!  And you will "Shine Like Stars" in doing so.

Have a great weekend!  I'll keep you posted on the playoffs and the quest for the GOLD!

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Wa Wa Waughs said...

I'm sure they loved it - the attention and food! Great job!

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