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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Our Neck of the Woods

I don't know why I gave this post a title like this.  In Southwest Oklahoma there is certainly no woods any where around!  I guess I just liked the sound of it.

So, after a very long series of posts with lots and lots of Biblical thoughts, today I'm just going to share with you what's been going on in small town Tipton.

First of all, we had our annual school/town Fall Festival/Carnival.  I organize the event each year for our PTO, but have many helpers in lots of different areas.
Elementary teachers each have games in their classrooms.  Many parents volunteer to run the games, if needed. (This "clown" is one of our 2nd grade teachers!)
High school classes, with their teacher-sponsors' help, each had a game booth.  This is my daughter's Sophomore class.  They had an obstacle course.  Lots of fun!
Each elementary class also has a basket with a theme. At the end of the evening, the baskets are auctioned off.  This years' basket themes were:  Tiger Spirit, Family Game Night, Gift Cards, Christmas, Fall/Thanksgiving, Gingerbread, OU, OSU, and Texas Rangers.  There is also a silent auction with smaller items.
Many elementary students participated in a pumpkin decorating contest.  The "Top 3" winners received a $5 bill.
And, what would a carnival be without food?  The PTO concession stand offers the general concession-stand fare:  hot dogs, Frito chili pie, and nachos, but unlike most concessions stands, this booth serves homemade desserts!

There are many more booths plus craft/jewelery/clothing/purse vendors.  It's a jam-packed evening full of fun for all ages.  It also serves as the PTO's only fundraiser of the year.

This year's event brought in a record amount, as far as fund-raising goes.  These funds are going to purchase Tipton Elementary t-shirts for every elementary student and elementary faculty member, pay for part of a movie trip for the elementary students (K-5th) to see "Tangled", plus provide a "Reindeer" themed  Christmas party in a few weeks.  It will also provide food for field trips, prizes for the annual spelling bee, and many other events.
 Another event that the Tipton 4-H group has been working on is "Share-the-Fun", which is like a talent show. As the 4-H leader, this is probably the most difficult event to organize, just because it takes lots of commitment and lots of practice.
This year's skit was entitled "Green Clovers and Kids".  It was based on the Dr. Seuss book, "Green Eggs and Ham".  I'm pleased to announce that the group won Reserve Grand Champion this weekend!  Congratulations, Tipton 4-H!

 And, the final thing in "Our Neck of the Woods", was that my family ran in a race this weekend.....everyone except me, that is. First of all: I'm NOT a runner! Never have liked it and doubt I ever will! Second of all: If I did run, who would take all of the awesome pictures? Exactly! No one. I have to be the photographer!
So, what's going on in neck of the woods?????

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Wa Wa Waughs said...

Glad it was a success! That's great that it can be your ONLY fundraiser. Probably more people participate if they know that!

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