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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Rangers Fan of the Game

The only thing Lauren wanted for her 16th birthday was to take two of her friends to a Texas Rangers' baseball game. She had a family party close to her birthday and then her Rangers' game "gift" the next week, which was this past weekend. We left our three boys with grandparents and my husband and I - plus the three 16 years old girls, headed to Arlington.
We had been planning for quite some time to take baseball sugar cookies to the game and send them up to the FOX Southwest announcers. We always watch them on TV as they're telling about the homemade goodies they've received. We thought the cookies might be a good idea and that they might even mention Lauren's birthday.  We put where we were sitting, just in case they wanted to zoom in to that area when they talked about it.  Pretty soon after the game started, they actually did mention the cookies, show us, and even read the little note we put with the cookies.  They even mentioned our boys who were watching the game at their grandparent's house.  They were so excited, and they called and told us immediately!  A friend texted us about it, too. 

(Note:  A funny thing about the cookies is that when we entered the Ballpark with them, one of the older workers said where to take them, but then said he roomed with one of the announcers years ago.  He wrote a note and taped it to the cookies which read:  "These are poison," and then signed his name! I assured the guard that they were NOT poison....that a friend of theirs wrote it!)
My husband also called in advance and had Lauren's name and "Happy Birthday" put on the big screen at the Ballpark.  We had done that before with one of our boys and it comes with a goodie bag, which is delivered during the 4th inning.
Well, was Lauren ever surprised when FOX Southwest Sport's reporter, Emily Jones, showed up at our seats during the 7th inning.  Lauren is a big fan of fact, she would like to have a job like hers someday.  Lauren was picked as the Rangers' Fan of the Game and was interviewed on live TV during the next break.  We were all excited, but Lauren was calm as could be!
She asked Lauren several questions, asked her about the cookies, and asked her about her favorite part of the game up to that point.  As soon as we heard about the interview, we quickly called family and contacted friends asking them to record the interview.  The boys and their grandparents (on my husband's side) saw the interview, as did others.  We did have a few people record it so we're looking forward to watching it ourselves.

Several have mentioned that it will be hard for Lauren to have a birthday that "tops" this one.  It was pretty special for her, for sure.  And, the fact that the Rangers won their division and are in the play-offs this week makes it even better.  She's a huge fan....a fan that really did deserve being the Rangers Fan of the Game for that one evening.  Congratulations, Lauren!  Let's go, Rangers!


Wa Wa Waughs said...

What a memory!!! So happy for her and the surprises that you worked behind the scenes!

Lori said...


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