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Monday, September 20, 2010

To Tell the Truth, and Nothing But....

This could have been a "Biscuit" post, but I thought since it involved the "crime" of lying, it should be attributed to the criminal:  Tyler himself.

Today I talked to Tyler on the phone while he was at a football game with his daddy watching an older brother play.  I was working on my small business booth in Altus, and decided that, since it was just a scrimmage, I would continue working and finish up the fall decorating.  While on the phone, Tyler asked me if he could eat something at the game.  I said yes.  He asked if he could have a drink - meaning a Gatorade or a soft drink.  I said no, that he could just have water.

Well, in a few minutes my husband called me and said that Tyler told him that I said he could have a drink.  My husband knew better so called me.  I got Tyler on the phone and asked him what he thought I said.  He went on and on about how he didn't understand me and that he was sure I said he could have a drink at half-time.  I told him that I was disappointed in him because he knew what I had said and that he was lying.  He kept saying he just forgot.  I knew he didn't.  Anyway, by the time we all got home and I talked to him, he admitted to my husband and I that he had lied to his daddy.  Lying in our home constitutes a spanking.  Usually I'm the one that gives them because I'm home with the kids the most.  But, this time, since he actually lied to his daddy and because daddy hasn't had the "privilege" (joking, of course) of doling out the spankings as often as I have, it was mutually decided that he would give the spanking.  I left the house to go to another game with the older two kids and they went in to take care of the disciplinary action.

Just a little while ago I sat down to write this post, going to make it just about the spanking/discipline part, but then my husband came in and told me about Tyler's prayer at supper (I was at the game).  I changed the focus of my post (although I realize the discipline part is very apparent).

Here is Tyler's prayer:

Dear God,
"Please help people get their act together and not lie like I just did, " and then he continued and prayed for the food.

On this Gratituesday, I am grateful for Tyler's tender heart!  Oh, and how different the world would be if everyone did tell the truth!  Of course, I pray that Tyler does get his act together and doesn't choose to lie again.  Daddy doesn't like giving spankings.  And, in fact, Momma doesn't either.

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