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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Oklahoma State Fair - A Family Tradition

This was my husband and I in 1988 - twenty-two years ago - at our first trip to the Oklahoma State Fair after getting married.  (I know, I look like one of Santa's elves all decked out in kelly green, but it was my favorite color at the time!).  I was 19 in this picture and he was 24.  We've both changed a lot!
My family first started going to the Oklahoma State Fair when I was 15, so it's been a tradition for our family for all of these years.  The tradition, in the beginning, included my materal grandparents (while they were still living) and my parents, and my sister. My parents continue the tradition with us still. 
We missed one year when our oldest child, Lauren was born.  That was almost 16 years ago.  My parents missed another year when my dad was in the hospital.
I want to share some pictures of our trip this year.  I love seeing the baby animals!
I didn't take pictures of the baby goats.  I can see those in our field out back :).
Most of the years we've gone we've seen Disney on Ice.  A few times we've seen the rodeo or circus.
This year's theme was "Let's Celebrate".
The kids - even though they're older - still enjoy the show.  I think my dad even stayed awake the whole time!
The Toy Story characters were a big hit with the whole audience.
It seems like they're favorites of everyone.  I'm thinking that next year it will be a total "Toy Story 3" Disney on Ice.  It's already showing in some areas.  Here's the link.
I wasn't sure what this was from, unless Minnie was dressed like Mulan, but it was beautiful.
The Christmas part of the celebration was my favorite.
We're heading to Disney World at Christmas this year, so we were excited to see "The Mouse" and "Minnie" decked out in the Christmas attire.
The snow was so pretty!  In the past my favorite part was always when there were bubbles, but the snow topped it!
Disney magic, for sure.
The State Fair all lit up at night is a special site to see.

Traditions are so important for families.  What are some of your favorite family tradtions??

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