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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Be All That You Can Be

Last night I was going through a file I have named "Bible Class Keepers".  I found this poem, which I wanted to share with you.  The author is Dot Harrison.  It's a great poem for Christians!

The Lord doesn't ask the impossible,
Or demand perfection in me.
All He wants from each of us,
Is be all that we can be.

Be the kind of Christian,
Whose light shines far and wide.
Reflecting only Jesus,
As you walk by His side.

Be full of love for others,
As Christ would have you do.
Reaching out for souls,
To teach the gospel to.

Be the kind of woman,
Found in Proverbs Thirty-One,
Called "blessed" by her family,
For things that she had done.

Be full of works like Dorcas,
Who gave to those in need.
Just simple acts of love,
Yet mourned for such a deed.

Be all that you can be,
As you walk the "Narrow Way",
Waiting for the master,
To take you home some day.

For God never asked that we be great,
Or climb the social ladder,
He's not impressed by worldly things,
That do not really matter.

He only looks inside of us,
Where no one else can see.
And knows if we are trying,
To be all that we can be.

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