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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Who's Your Bestie or BFF?

I've noticed many people talk about their "bestie", meaning their best friend.  Others use the acronym BFF, meaning "best friends forever".  Having good friends is great.  Having a best friend(s) is extra-special.  In a marriage, I believe it's extremely important for your husband (or wife, if a male) to be your best friend - above any other friendships you may have.  However, above your relationship with your "bestie" or your "BFF", or even your spouse, should be your relationship with Jesus Christ.

Jesus Christ as your best friend is the most important thing you could ever have in your life.  Having Him as your friend makes you a child of God and your relationship with Him is the only way to be part of the family of God.

Jesus wants to be your friend.  He wants to be my friend.  Do you and I want him to be our "bestie" or "BFF"?

Lyrics to "I'll Be a Friend"

They tried my Lord (they tried my Lord) and Master
With no one to (with no one to) defend
Within the halls (within the halls) of Pilate
He stood without (He stood without) a friend

I'll be a friend (I'll be a friend) to Jesus
My life for Him (my life for Him) I'll spend
I'll be a friend (I'll be a friend) to Jesus
Until my years (until my years) shall end

To all who need (to all who need) a Savior
My friend I (my friend I) recommend
Because He brought (because He brought) salvation
Is why I am (is why I am) His friend

1 comment:

Wa Wa Waughs said...

I rely on this! Especially when friends/relatives disappoint. He is the friend that never lets us down!

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