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Monday, July 26, 2010

The Chronicles of Biscuit - Hidden Talents

The Chronicles of Biscuit: Stories about our youngest son, Tyler, whose nickname is Biscuit.
(Photo: Biscuit playing hide & seek. He's hiding in the laundry hamper.)
Now....on to "The Chronicles of Biscuit":

Biscuit shares a room with his two older brothers, Zachary and Jacob.  If that sounds crowded - it is. (I must remember to be content....Philippians 4:11) Thankfully, it's a large room, but it gets really messy with all three boys, one closet, and very little storage.

Zachary and Jacob do a pretty good job keeping all of their things picked up and put away - for the most part.  But Biscuit?  Not so much. 

Sunday afternoon, Biscuit decided to surprise us all.  He announced he was going to clean up the whole room all by himself - even his brother's stuff! After a while Biscuit asked us to cover our eyes and walk down the hall to his room.  You wouldn't believe what he had done!  He had put EVERYTHING in place and had even straightened up all three of the small dressers. 

Amazing? YES!  Hidden talent?  I think so!

I knew Biscuit should be old enough to clean up better than he had been doing....his whole life....but I guess we just let it slide because the older two took care of it for him.  (An advantage of being the youngest in the family, I know.) I'm grateful that Biscuit desided to use the talent God blessed him with by cleaning up and straightening his room.  And, an added "good deed" thrown in by even cleaning up all of his brothers' things, too.  Hopefully that talent won't be hidden any more!

Hidden talents.  Do you have any hidden talents?  Is there any talent you're not using to it's fullest potential?  (Read Matthew 25:14-30... Parable of the Talents.  Jesus teaches that talents should not be buried.  Note:  A talent in that parable is referring to money, but the application is the same.)

I'm sure we could say we're not using a God-given talent - either at all or at least not to the degree we could be using it.

Let's make a point to be like Biscuit and decide to use a hidden or neglected talent this week!

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Wa Wa Waughs said...

Good job! I showed Tyler's pic to our friends who have a 6 yr. old Tyler (baby of 4 kids, eye problem) that were recently here. I remember thinking how strange a few years ago that they had so many similarities.

M said...

Oh, for the day my kids surprise me like that! Enjoy your blessings with Biscuit and his siblings.

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